When Bill Gates warned about Coronavirus 5 years ago

The 5 Years old TED Talk of Bill Gates is getting viral on YouTube where he already warned the world about the next epidemic. The Bill’s prediction about virus epidemic matches with present coronavirus. He said ‘ the world is prepared for war, but not for the next epidemic of virus’.

Bill Gates ted talk

He said, ” If anything kills over 10 million people in the next few decades, its most likely to be a highly infected virus, rather than war.” He said the reason behind it, ” Because, we’ve invested a huge amount in nuclear deterrents. But, we’ve really actually not invested in the system to stop epidemics due to the virus. We are not ready for the next epidemics”. He also talked about Ebola and warned that the next bio epidemic could be more devastating than Ebola. Bill Gates said that Luckily, Ebola didn’t spread more because of the heroic work from doctors. But, next time we will not be lucky enough. Infectious people will also feel well enough to travel in-plane and go to the market in the future.

Bill gates on coronavirus at Ted Talk

As a solution Bill Gates said that we are a lot more advance in the field of technology. We have the benefits of technology to use in this field. We need a strong health system even in poor countries. In the end he said, ” If we start now, we can be ready for next epidemic”.

Original Video of Bill Gates’s Ted Talk

This talk of Bill Gates was almost a wake-up call for coronavirus. The accuracy of what he said 5 years ago was astonishing. People are making Ted talk of bill gates viral as it was shocking to know how we were warned already!!

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