Sunday, June 26, 2022

CarryMinati got Youtube copyright notice for using own ‘Yalgaar song’ on his latest video

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CarryMinati a famous Teenage YouTuber got Copyright notice from Youtube on his own video cause of using his own Yalgaar song. He recently came with ‘The Art of Bad Words’ video.

CarryMinati showed a screenshot on his Instagram Story about copyright notice from Youtube on Yalgaar video. According to Youtube, CarryMinati used the song ‘Yalgaar 8D Audio’ from Youtube on his original track ‘ Yalgaar’ and latest video ‘ The Art of Bad Words’.

Someone named ‘SonoSuite’ claimed ‘Yalgaar 8D Audio’ as their own song and reported CarryMinati’s both Yalgaar and ‘The Art of Bad Words’. Sonosuite reported that the Yalgaar 8D Audio is it’s own and CarryMinati used it in his video. So, Youtube thinks it’s copyright content which shouldn’t be used by CarryMinati.

CarryMinati coyright notice on Yalgaar and The Art of Bad Words from youtube
Copyright notice on The Art of Bad Words from Youtube
Copyright notice on Yalgaar for using Yaalgar

CarryMinati already criticized YouTube for frequently removing his content on ‘ The Art of Bad Words’ video. He expressed that there are so many B-Grade content available on Youtube. But still, his video on YouTube removes just because of his abuse. Carry claims that those abuses are not even expressed intentionally. It’s just words that he expresses.

Recent Insta Story of CarryMinati of his tweet to Youtube india

Now, This kind of misunderstanding from Team Youtube will be soon seen by fans in his next video. Fans are waiting to see Carry’s criticism for this copyright act in the next video.

What do you think about this kind of act from Youtube?

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