Viral Video mentioning Sahil Shah Bulla beaten is not true!!

The video on the Internet is getting Viral that Sahil Shah Bulla is Beaten for disrespecting Shivaji Maharaj. But, is it true?

Old video clip of Sahil Shah is getting viral, where he disrespects Shivaji Maharaj. In this video, he said, “, “You know why I feel Bad for Chess, because Chess was created in India. Shivaji used to play chess to plan his battle strategies, which is pretty cool. But in Chess, a king can move only one spot at a time, which is kind of f**kall of Shivaji right? Can you imagine on the field, he is like ‘aata majhi satakli!! Jai Maharashtra!! Aaaaa !!”

Sahil Shah Bulla locked his official Twitter account. Also, other comedians who also disrespected Hindu sentiments, locked Twitter account.

But, A video on social media is getting viral that Sahil Shah Bulla is finally beaten. People in the video tries to talk with that person. But, he tried to escape and the people Beaten him and also gave slogans of ‘Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj ki Jay’.

So many people confused him as Sahil Shah but it is not true. The viral video is of another incident. It has nothing to do with Sahil Shah. In the picture, we can see, both person are different.

sahil shah beaten
the viral video mentioning sahil shah beaten

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