Chappal lost by Mumbai man in last year’s rain, returns floating to him.

Chappal lost by Mumbai Man name Babulal in last year’s rain finally found in nala of the Nallasopara, Mumbai.

Babulal who lives in Nallasopara had his only one pair of Chappal. He used that chappal for around 5 years. He had some different kind of attachment with that chappal. In party, function, gathering, marriage, or any other event, he used the same chappal which he used to wear in casual.

chappal lost by mumbai man

Last year, when Mumbai flooded with water due to heavy rain, he was out to bring some groceries. He found himself lucky, as even in heavy rain, he safely reached home. But, this Mumbai man regretted after realizing that he lost his only Chappal in flood.

Sad Babulal also requested police to found his Chappal but it couldn’t be possible. But, again this year rain started in Mumbai. Babulal who was in the balcony of his house, saw his Chappal floating on water in rain. He quickly ran and got his chappal. He got only one from the pair. But, after a while, he got another chappal too.

chappal lost by mumbai man

According to sources, Babula was so emotional after getting chappal. Police also closed the case file after successfully getting that chappal back.

Note: The content is fictional and written only for an entertainment purpose.

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