“Corona is punishment from Allah”, Mp Shafiqur Rahman Barq

More than 1 crore people are worldwide infected with Coronavirus. Where, 9 lakhs people recovered but approx. 6 lakhs lost their lives. But, MP of Samajwadi Party from Sambhal Mr. Shafiqur Rahman Barq said’ ” Corona virus is not disease but the punishment by Allah for doing Bad Karmas”.

shafiqur rehman barq on corona, allah punishment

What Shafiqur Rehman Barq want to say?

Bakri Eid the Muslim Festival is also getting close. But, due to Coronavirus, every Mosque and Masjids are closed. In such a period Shafiqur Rahman Barq made a controversial statement on corona and gave his logic. He said, “Market must get open for the occasion of Bakri Eid. So, people could but and sacrifice goat lives. Masjid must get open so that people could gather to pray against Corona. No cure of Coronavirus has been found so far, which means Coronavirus is not a disease but punishment by God for our sins. The best cure of Corona is that we all pray to God.

Islamic Education Society demanded to UP Government to open Masjid on the occasion of Bakri Eid. They all wrote letter to CM for the permission to pray in Mosque.

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