Actor Puneet Vashist brutally exposed Bollywood and abused these Superstars.

Bollywood and Television actor Puneet Vashist brutally exposed Bollywood and Nepotism. He used abusive language towards all big stars of Bollywood to express his frustration.

Punnet Vashisht first trolled Salman Khan. Punnet said, “I look like Spanish, Indian, Italian and can be fit in every character. But, see Salman Khan. He doesn’t even fit in any role. He is making fool to the audience for the last 27 years. Salman Doesn’t want me to come ahead in acting career as he knows that I could be a great actor. If I would be the follower of Salman Khan then he could have offered me work. But, I don’t like that”. He trolled Salman Khan in very abusive language.

puneet vashist exposed bollywood

Punnet Vashisht also talked about Ekta Kapoor’s party. He said, ” everyone does excessive smoke and drink at Ekta’s party. I have watched Sohail Khan in Ekta’s party. He is a massive alcoholic. He couldn’t even walk and able to go to his home. People.drink and just loss their mind in those parties.” Talking about his own career, Puneet said, ” I have been already introduced as a writer, actor, producer, director in New York. I have been doing shown in New York. I don’t even compare myself with these Bollywood bastards.”

The interviewer asked Punnet if would he work in TV serials or not?

In answer Punnet Said, ” See, Ekta Kapoor runs 30% of TV industry and Salman Khan runs 10%. I don’t think that they will ever give me work in their TV serials. But, I am associated with one genuinely good TV production name ‘ Swastik ‘. They offer me good roles and characters. But, if Salman and Ekta made their mind then I will be able to work in some big TV serial.”

Talking on Nepotism, Punnet said, ” My father belongs to this Industry. So, I am also a product of Nepotism. But, I never had that ego of being from Industry. I always respected New talents, I don’t want to be Star. I just want to be a server of this Industry.”

puneet vashist on komal nahta and taran adarsh

Actor Puneet Vashist also exposed Bollywood critics nepotism ‘ Taran Aadarsh ‘ and ‘Komal Nahta’. He said, ” These bastards are the Gurus of Nepotism. They promote only Nepotism. They both are gays and take advantage of other people”. He also appreciated Vidyut Jamalwal’s work.

Punnet also pointed dig on Manoj Bajpayee. He said, ” Manoj Bajpayee is a great actor. But, still, he had to work under the command of SRK, Salman.” In the interview, he talked about so many other celebrities and also shared his personal connection with Sonu Sood
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