Sunday, September 19, 2021

Boyfriend catches girlfriend cheating and takes back scooty that he gifted her

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A video on the Internet getting viral that Boyfriend catches her girlfriend cheating with another boy and takes back his own gifted scooty from her.

Source of this video is still unknown. An angry boy stopped his girlfriend who was on scooty. He got keys of her scooty and was angry for being cheated. The boy was angry and asking her about his new boyfriend. The girl was managing relationships with other boy and cheating on his first one.

Boyfriend caught her own girlfriend with his new Boyfriend on scooty. The girl was ordering, again and again, to give back her scooty keys. But, the boy was just scolding her for being a cheater. The whole incident happened in a public place.

Other people were trying to calm the boy, but couldn’t. The boyfriend lost his mind when instead of being sorry, she became rude with his boyfriend. And, boyfriend slapped and hit her publicly. Finally, Boyfriend takes her gifted scooty back as he catches her girlfriend cheating.

boyfriend catches girlfriend cheating and takes back scooty that he gifted her

The location of this incident is still unknown. After this viral video, so many people went angry for violation happened with girl. A social media debate started as if the act of violation on girl in this circumstance is justified or not.

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