Rhea ‘s Brother spend 4 lakh from Sushant Singh ‘s bank account, Sushant passbook accesed

Rhea Chakraborty who was a girlfriend of late actor Sushant Singh Rajput is suspected as a criminal after Sushant’s father filed a case against her. Sushant Singh Rajput’s passbook shows transaction of over 4 lakh 61 thousand from account for Rhea Chakraborty’s brother.

Republic news accesed the passbook of late actor Sushant Singh Rajput. The passbook has all the transactions done yet. During November 2019, around 4 lakhs 81 thousand spend from Sushant’s bank account for rhea and her brother showik.

Multiple expenses like flight tickets, hotel stay, tuition fees, shopping, and more madeĀ from his account. Suddenly, a bank balance of 4 crores dropped to 1 crore.
The passbook clearly says that the transaction were for showik who is Rhea’s brother.

rhea brother 4 lakh from sushant passbook

On October 2019, Showik spend 81,901 on Flight Ticket. October 16, 2019, 76,305 spent by Rhea, Showik, and deep. On October 15, 4 lakh 72 thousand from the Sushant account was just hotel stay for Rhea ‘s brother.

The passbook accessed by Republic TV. But, Bihar police trying their best to get updates of all transactions of Sushant. They are analyzing the passbook of Sushant where Mumbai Police never look for Sushant’s bank statement.

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