Topic on Shah Rukh Khan (SRK) in Cambridge Kings College School of UK

The school, Cambridge Kings College School in Cambridge, United Kingdom mentioned Shah Rukh Khan also called as SRK in their books.

The Cambridge Kings College School have a chapter name ‘ Shah Rukh Khan ‘ which covers the journey of World’s Richest Actor. The chapter covers Shah Rukh Khan’s school journey. From being a boy from poor family to making big in bollywood, the topic covered in short chapter to inspire students.

Shah rukh khan in Cambridge Kings School college

Cambridge Kings School College added topic of SRK in its books to inspire their students. Everyone know Shah Rukh Khan as a richest actor but ony few Non – Indian knows his journey. So, adding this chapter could benifit student to learn from some big names.

The book also covers topic of other aspiring people from world. Topic on SRK is one of those chapter in this book.

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