Mumbai Police Commissioner did not allow Republic TV on Sushant Press Conference.

Mumbai Police Commissioner Parambir Singh took a Press conference on Monday to talk about the Sushant case but not allow the Republic Bharat TV channel.

Republic TV is the top Indian News Channel and also running campaign to Justice Sushant. Republic TV has made so many bold statements against Mumbai Police and Maharashtra Government. Arnab Goswami asked so many questions to Mumbai Police on the Sushant death case.

Due to Media Coverage of Sushant’s mysterious death on Republic TV, Mumbai Police and Government got criticized.

To clarify the Sushant Death issue, Mumbai Police Commissioner Parambir Singh took a conference on Monday. All Indian Media were present there. But, Republic TV reporters couldn’t be a part of the Press Conference as Mumbai Police didn’t allow.

What Mumbai Commissioner said in Press Conference?

mumbai police did not allow republic tv at sushant press conference

Parambir Singh said, ” We got Google search records of Sushant Singh Rajput. Sushant Searched about Painless death, Bipolar disorder. He was also searching for news about him. He searched himself on Google.

Talking about Rhea and Sushant connection, Mumbai Police said, ” Rhea had dispute with Sushant Family. We recorded Rhea’s statement twice. We asked her about their starting phase of the relationship. How they met? What was their planning? And all. She has shared about his mental illness. We checked if there was any trouble relationship with Sushant or not. Doctor’s prescription also shared. We have clarified about Europe tour too”.

Mumbai police also tried to speak with Sushant’s sister. But, she was not mentally prepared to give a statement about the incident, said Mumbai Police.

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