Who is Lord Rama and why Indians worship him a lot?

Lord Rama is the Icon and also God for Indians Because of his qualities. Along with Rama, Indians also worship his wife Sita and brother Laxman.

Ramayana happened around 7000 years ago. Lord Rama was born in Ayodhya ( still this city exists) as a son of King Dashratha. Rama who was elder one among his all three brothers was going to be the next King of Ayodhya.

How did Ramayana Happen?

why people indian worship ram ramayan
picture from TV show Ramayan

Ram was all set to be the next King of Ayodhya Kingdom after Dashratha. But, Ramayana started with one selfish thought of Rama’s step-mother Kaikeyi. Kaikeyi ordered Dashratha to make her own son Bharat as the next King of Ayodhya instead of Rama. Also, she demanded to send Rama in the forest so that he could be away from the Kingdom. She wanted Rama to be a monk in the forest for the next 14 years. Dashratha was not able to reject her demand as he once promised her to ask anything once in a lifetime on which he will never say her ‘No’.

Rama knew that father Dasharatha couldn’t break Kaikeyi’s promise. So, he agreed to leave this Kingdom and to live like a Monk for Fourteen years just to keep his father’s promise. Along with Rama, Sita and his brother Laxman also came with him at the forest. They all lived for Fourteen years there as a Monk.

After some 7 – 8 years in the Forest, Sri Lanka’s King Ravana heard about Rama’s wife Sita. Ravana’s sister told him that Sita is the most beautiful lady and will be the best pair for him. Ravana went to see her in Forest and he fell in love with her beauty. To make Sita as her own wife, he kidnapped her and brought her to his own Kingdom Lanka.

ramayan worship
rama with Hanuman ( still from show Ramayan )

Rama realized that her wife Sita is missing from Hut where they lived. He started her search everywhere. He then came to know at one point that King of Lanka kidnapped her. Rama built his army with the help of Hanuman and went to Lanka. He had war with Ravana where he won and brought her wife back.

After the war, they came back to Ayodhya after spending whole Fourteen years of monk life in Forest. Rama became King of Ayodhya. In that period, Sita became Pregnant with Rama’s child. But, some people said it as Ravana’s child. They told Rama to prove her purity.

People demanded to send Sita back to the forest as they thought she was impure. Rama opposed this decision. But, Sita convinced Rama to live in a forest until people stop blaming him for his wife. Unfortunately, Rama had to agree with Sita and he sent her in a forest where Sita lived like a Monk again.

Why Indians worship Lord Rama?

Even if Lord Rama’s life was such a misery and trouble ,he never blamed anyone in his life.

Rama supposed to be a king but just to keep his father’s promise he went to the forest and lived a life of Monk. Sita got kidnapped and he was totally clueless where she gone. He was King’s son, so still, he had a chance to Go back to Ayodhya to bring his army for search operation of her wife. But, as he was a monk for fourteen years, he didn’t use the privileges of King.

Rama and his brother Laxman both started the search for Sita. They got clues and went to search in the south part of India. Rama built the Tamil army with the help of Hanuman. They built a bridge of stone ( RamSetu ) on the Arabic sea between India and Lanka. They reached Lanka but still, Rama first warned Ravana not to do war. Rama didn’t want any violence so he simply asked his wife. But, Ravana wanted war to prove his power.

 lord rama and ravana ramayan worship indians
Rama and Ravana war ( from animation Ramayana )

War happened, Rama killed Ravana and won her wife Sita back. Rama also went to Himalayas for year to penance for Ravana as Ravana got killed by him. We need to understand that, Rama could go back to Ayodhya to live like a King. Also, he could have more than one wife which used to be common in those days. But, still he chosen to fight for Sita untill he gets her back.

When his own country People blamed his wife over her purity. Her wife showed patience and went to forest so that negative atmosphere of this whole controversy couldn’t affect his husband Rama to lead his Kingdom. So, Indians worship Sita too as a strong lady and Icon.

Indians worship Rama as, even he had so much trouble in his life, he never blamed a single person. He always blamed his own Karmas. Yes, his own Karmas. Rama always thought every situation as his good and bad Karmas that he could have made in previous life and are paying him back.

lord rama
credit : pintrest

Lord Rama choose to be calm and never went angry in any situation. He always kept his own country People on top of his family. That’s why he loved by all and became an Icon. These all reasons making him the Ideal person, Icon and yes, not less than any god, too. So, whenever you get a question that why people worship Rama, just memorize his quality and you will surely have an answer.

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