Ankita Lokhande shared bank statement, said, EMI of her flat was not paid from sushant account

Actress Ankita Lokhande shared bank statement and finally cleared that EMI of her previous flat was not paid from Sushant Account. She showed her transactions for her Flat EMI.

How Ankita Lokhande ‘s flat EMI controversy came in highlight?

Controversy started against Ankita Lokhande, when ED said that Sushant paid for his previous flat where both Ankita and Sushant used to stay. He was still paying EMI for that flat and Ankita used to stay there. Also, the flat was registered in the name of Sushant for his future plans. People also started a trend in favor and against Ankita Lokhande after these reports.

Finally, Ankita Lokhande on Instagram shared pictures of her bank statement of EMI Transactions on her previous Flat. She also shared a photo of the flat document registered on her own name.

We can clearly see flat is at Malad and registered on the name Ankita Lokhande and not Sushant. Ankita shared her transaction details from January 1, 2019, to March 1, 2020. She highlighted all EMI’s for her flat in these pictures.

ankita lokhande bank statement flat registeration sushant

In her post she wrote, “Here, I ceased all speculations as transparent as I could be. My flat registration as well as my bank statement’s(01/01/19 to 01/03/20) highlighting the EMI’s being deducted from my account on a monthly basis. There is nothing more I have to say #justiceforssr

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