Why Mumbai Police not giving Sushant ‘s Mobile Phone to ED

Enforcement Directorate(ED) asked for Sushant ‘s Mobile phone to Mumbai Police, but Mumbai Police is not giving attention to them.

Deputy Rank Officer from ED wrote a letter to release Sushant ‘s Mobile phone for investigation. But, Mumbai Police is not releasing the phone. Also, Mumbai Police had seized Rhea Chakraborty and his brother Showik Chakraborty’s mobile phone. But, now they are released for Sushant case investigation.

Why ED needs Sushant ‘s phone? Which secret will be revealed?

Mumbai police not giving sushant 's phone to ed
Pic source: news18

ED confirmed that 15 Crores rupees transferred from Sushant ‘s bank account. Also, on one side, Rhea Chakraborty got so many rupees in her account. So, ED is sure that Rhea got money from Sushant.

ED thinks that Sushnat ‘s phone will reveal all the transactions detail as he was using net banking. Rhea didn’t get money direct from Sushant, she got it from a third party.

ED revealed that Sushant paid around 3 Lakhs money to one production for some of his projects. Where, the same production house transferred 75,000 rupees to Rhea Chakraborty. So, the details of all transactions from Sushant ‘s phone is necessary for ED.

Sushant paid money to some second party. And, that party transferred that money to Rhea. Getting the Mobile phone under investigation will simplify this money laundering case. But, Mumbai Police is not responding to ED ‘s request and giving Sushant ‘s cell phone.

ED will also investigate everyone to whom Sushant transferred money. They will call every account holder to get detail about the case.

Rhea also said to ED that she don’t know why Sushant transferred his money to her. Only, Sushant knew that secret, according to rhea.

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