How Netflix earns Money? Business model of Netflix

Netflix, Inc. happens to be one of the most successful entertainment mass-media-companies of all time. Netflix, Inc. originally began its inception in 1998 by providing services to customers through means of mailing out physical copies of movies, shows, video games, and other forms of media through the standard mailing systems.

Through its successful startup and the rapid changes that technology introduced over time, Netflix converted its business model. Netflix earns money with very proper business model. They went from physical copies handouts to allowing customers to stream their favorite content from the comfort of their own convenience.

Netflix Business model, how netflix earns money

Today, the platform has advanced to streaming technologies that have elevated and improved Netflix’s overall business structure and revenue. The platform provides its viewers the ability to stream and watch a variety of TV shows, movies, documentaries, and much more, through means of using a software application.

Since Netflix converted to streaming, it is the world’s seventh-largest Internet company by revenue, ranging its presence on a global scale. The following is a compilation that comprises specifications of Netflix’s business canvas model and its core operations. So, here we will explore in detail how Netflix earns money?

Business Model Canvas of Netflix

1. Netflix’s Key Partners

Netflix has built quite 35+ partners across the media business. Netflix today has millions of different types of genres for subscribers to select from and enjoy watching.

Built alliances with Smart TV companies like LG and Sony for new emerging markets and several other aspects.
Netflix has set an alliance with Wii, X-Box, PlayStation, and many other brands in the gaming industry. They built partnerships to provide and cater to its “gamer-clients” with an entertaining video game.
Netflix joined forces and partnered with Dish, Tivo, and other TV network companies.
Their crucial phase of converting the business from mail-in-system to streaming, Netflix established a partnership with Apple, Android, and Microsoft.
Finally, Netflix joined the network and large data providers like Google and Amazon. (Amazon was accompanied to market Netflix listings and subscription options). This is one of the best ideas to make and earn money from Netflix.

2. Netflix’s Value Propositions

Netflix strategizes methods and aims to provide the best customer experience by deploying valuable propositions. Here are a few of what Netflix idolizes:

Users can stream 24-7, minus the ads!
View shows & movies in high-definition
Stream content conveniently anywhere without getting to a DVD store or theatre
Get unlimited access to TV shows and movies
Access to exclusive Netflix’s original movies or shows
New signups can avail a 30-day free trial (1 month free of services)
Contract-oriented but can cancel at any time!
Receive algorithmic recommendation for new items to watch
Avoid commercials ads- Some people like watching commercials and other advertisements and a few people avoid them.
At Netflix, users have the flexibility to either turn on notifications and suggestions or keep them switched off.
Netflix “user profiles” gives leverage for users to personalize their user account and preferences. The User profiles allow the “admin-user” to modify, allow or ever restrict certain users
Sharing accounts options is one of the rarest features a movie platform can provide. Sharing accounts feature on Netflix allows spouses, friends or even groups to share an account with specific filters and preferences already set.

3. Netflix’s Key Activities

Hire and retain software and tech geeks
Maintain and expand its platform on the website, mobile apps, TV apps.
Produce, acquire and license Netflix’s original content to expand its video library
Develop its pricing strategy and subscription model to ensure affordability and new customer acquisition.
Develop a roadmap to enter into the new market.
Ensure great user recommendations to retain the current customer base.
Build and secure a partnership with Studios and content production house
Negotiate the deals with Studios, Content providers and Movie production houses
Comply with the laws (laws as per to State or Region/country), maintaining compliance with censorship, specifically for minors and children. Netflix has always promoted and operated within the boundaries of censorship.

4. Netflix’s Customer Segments

The Netflix platform is designed to offer a vast collection of different types of genres for subscribers to select from. Their collection (movies or shows) are designed appropriately for
Everyone, who is interested in watching movies, TV shows and documentaries – and honestly who isn’t?
Although Netflix offers content for children and adults alike, Netflix aims to promote Family-friendly, educational and entertaining content to help capture the better interests of families.

5. Netflix’s Customer Relationships

Self-Setup Made Easy
Netflix platform was originally designed to ensure that it is simple and easy to use.
Developers of the Website ensured to associate elements and themes that serves and promotes friendliness and provides a self-setup
Exceptional Customer Experience
Netflix provides customer services through means of the website portal, email inquiries and users have the option to reach a representative directly, by telephone and live chat.
Online Live Chat Services
Users have the option to opt-in to a live chat session with a Netflix representative.
Users can directly chat with a Netflix representative to ask questions and support-related inquiries.
Request for discounts and other special promotional deals that they may qualify or offer such users or subscribers.

6. Social media

Channeling major advertisements, deals, and other promotional deals through Social media channels and other relative platforms to help gain the high attraction of customers and new sign up users conversions.
Social media is also used to inform and update individuals that operate or are familiar with the Netflix platform. Such platforms may include Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc.
Netflix Gift Cards
Part of the subscription plan, all users will be geared to receive special promotional discounts and other gift cards to avail.

These are some strategies of Netflix to earn money and make it more.

Netflix’s Key Resources

Key resources of Netflix which earns money for them

1. Software developers

Software developers at Netflix are at constant innovation
Design and enhance to help create a better customer-user experience
Recommendation system (algorithm)
Artificial intelligence and selection preference sequence technology helps developers design and build the recommendation algorithm system for its users.
Some data are based on “new releases,” or internal data that identifies user watch selection and the most viewed.
Provides users with relative results based off of frequent searches

Netflix’s Channels

Through Netflix’s channeling sequence, users and interested users can access Netflix platform from one or more of the following

Online streaming through the website

Streaming through Mobile apps
Streaming on TV Apps and Gaming consoles
Mail delivery for DVDs

8. Netflix’s Cost Structure

Major purchasing rights establishment (TV shows and movies)
Cost of producing movies
Cost for providing personalized recommendations, R&D and artificial intelligence
Subscription maintenance cost
Paid-Connection deals with Internet Service Provider (ISP) such as Comcast to stream Netflix data at high speed.
Infrastructure (data centers) cost of streaming content
DVDs and mail-related shipping costs
Employee salary distribution (customer service, Engineers, etc.)

9. Netflix’s Revenue Streams

It wasn’t until 2007, when Netflix launched “streaming” services through Netflix subscription plans, that it attained significant revenue streams and additional revenues.

Monthly subscriptions fees with three different price options In US market (Basic – $8.99/month, Standard – $12.99/ month & Premium – $15.99/ month)
Netflix has established a global presence with international streaming to expand its customer base.
Upselling opportunities – Upgrade from Basic to Premium Plan etc.
Money-making movie studio with Netflix original shows like fuller house, house of cards, etc.

How does Netflix Make and Earns Money?

Netflix was a platform that started as only offering an extensive collection of movies, shows, and dramas (925 listings) through the mail-in-delivery system. It wasn’t till 2007 when Netflix has decided to convert its business structure from mail-in-system to streaming content based on subscriptions. Before launching online streaming in 2007, Netflix revenue on average summed at annually at around $997 million.

Subscription-based Business Model
Netflix has over 125 million paid members from over 190 countries.
Today, Netflix generates approx. $15 billion annually with a total of 125 million members from both the United States and international regions.
Important partnerships

One of the most influential tactics implemented was its ability to build alliances with a wide range of movie producers, filmmakers, writer, and animators to receive content and legally broadcasting the contents required aligning licenses.
To make the Netflix platform and its streaming possible, setting the partnership between Internet Service provider was also crucially important.

Technology (Monolithic architecture)
Technology platforms allowed “streaming” accessibility to become convenient and unique and during their conversion year in 2007, not a lot of media companies offered such, which made the platform greatly attractive.


During the early year in 2000, Blockbuster was offered to purchase Netflix and all of its assets for only $50 million.

Today, Netflix is worth $155 billion in market cap value. Perhaps, it isn’t really about what a company sells, rather, it’s about how a company sells or promotes its products.

Through Netflix’s powerful technological tactics, innovating the accessibilities has helped to increase customer/user experience positively. Netflix implemented in several areas that helped to capture the global market.

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