Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Shaheen Bagh activist Shahzad Ali join BJP, said, ” want to clear CAA “

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Shaheen Bagh social activist Shahzad Ali join BJP on 16 Aug in the presence of State BJP president Adesh Gupta and leader Shyam Jaju.

When BJP came with CAA, the party faced a lot of criticism. Certain sections of media tried to make this whole scenario as a movement of the ruling party against Muslim community. The act of CAA was narrated as an act against Muslims by Media. This issue laid violence and protest all over India. Large group of people used to be at Shaheen Bagh to protest CAA

After Lockdown, the protest against CAA came to end. Shaheen Bagh who continued their protest for more than 50 days against CAA also end it due to Pandemic.

Shaheen bagh activist Shahzad Ali join bjp
Image source: ANI

Finally, BJP involved ‘Shahzad Ali’ the activist of Shaheen Bagh in their party

Now, BJP announced Shaheen Bagh activist Shahzad Ali to join BJP. Shahzad Ali joined BJP to prove that this act is not against the Muslim community. Shahzad said , ” I have joined BJP to prove wrong those in our community who think BJP is our enemy. I want to clear this act to my community. We’ll sit together with them over CAA concerns “.

The involvement of Shahen Bagh activist in BJP could benifit BJP to communicate with Indian Muslim Community.

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