What do happen with you and your body when you are in sleep?

Sleep is a naturally recurring state of the body and mind, which is characterized by altered consciousness, relatively inhibited sensory activity. Also, inhibition of nearly all-volunteer muscles, and reduced interaction with surround. So many unnoticeable things happen in sleep.

During sleep, most of the body is in an anabolic state. It tries to restore the immune, nervous, skeletal, and muscular systems.

So, Daily Night you go to bed. The next day, you wake up in the morning. But, a lot of things happen with you in your sleep. You should definitely know, what happens with your body when in sleep.

You get paralyze in sleep.

If you have watched a paralyzed person, you must have noticed that the person can’t move his body. The paralyzed person body gets locked or his paralyzed body part can’t feel anything.

The same thing happen with you in sleep. When you are in sleep, your body gets paralyzed for those moments. It is not something that you should worry about. It’s normal. It gets paralyzed for a while until your body makes some movement.

It happens with everyone. But, you can’t notice it, because you are in deep sleep.

Your eye movement

You could have thought that when you are in sleep, your eye remains at a steady position. But, no. It doesn’t remain steady. Scientists have observed that, when a person is in sleep, his or her eyeballs make a lot of movements.

These movements are eyeballs that are actually in a strange way. It’s also common for all. You can observe that after looking at someone who is in sleep. One can clearly observe the eyeball movement of someone who is in sleep.

One doesn’t realize that eye is making lot movement just because He or She is in deep sleep.

5.Secretion of HGH (Human Growth Hormone).

HGH also called as Human Growth Hormone which is responsible for height and looks of body. This chemical Hormone secrets every time. But, it secrets more when you are in sleep.

Scientists observed that this HGH chemical hormone secrets more at night time in the human body. It is because most of the humans are in sleep at night. In other words, you can also say, if you sleep more, it will release more HGH. This means it will help to give you good height.

6.Less respiration

When you are in sleep, your area of respiration gets compress. It results in less respiration compared to the normal day. But, it’s not something to worry. Because, it’s common too.

But, when your respiratory area get more compress, it results in something strange. It results in snoring. Most of the youngsters didn’t snore. But, someone from our family have the problem of snoring, it’s just because of this.

  1. Recurring dreams

Recurring dreams are those dreams which repeat again and again. Sometimes you see the dream in your sleep and on the next day, you get the same dream again and again. Also, after a month, you get the same dream in your sleep. But, why does it happens?

Its answer is ‘your life problems’. When you are facing any problems in life, not only you, but also your brain secretly working to solve your problem. Your brain wants to solve your life problem. So, when you are in sleep, it tried to provide you solutions to your life problems through dreams.

It shows you a dream related to your problems. These dreams are mostly in code word. All you have to do is to identify what your brain wants to say about your problem.

  1. Non responding Nose.

When you are in sleep, all your body parts are also in sleep. Still, if someone starts shouting, your ear wakes up and it wakes you up. When someone sprinkles water on your eye, your eye responds and you wake up.

But, there is one part which doesn’t wake you up that easily. It’s a nose that doesn’t respond to any kind of smell when you are in sleep. Your nose is that organ which wakes up in last. When someone smells you their socks when you are sleeping, you will not easily wake up. Your nose works less than 1% in sleep.

But, it’s not good every time. Because 500 people on average lost their life just because they can’t smell the fire in their house. Yes, it’s because your nose doesn’t respond to any smell in sleep.

  1. You get beautiful

Everyone wants to look younger, even if they are aging old. The secret to keep your body young, beautiful and healthy is good sleep. Because, when you are in sleep, your temperature and blood pressure body is at low temperature. Your body generates new cells. It all results in good beauty on your face.

The Italian actress Sophia Loren looks 55 years old. But, in actuality, she is an 85-year-old granny. In an interview, she said that good sleep is the only reason for her beauty.

  1. Increase in your height

Your height after good sleep gets more than normal height. When you wake up from sleep, your height is increased with 0.5 feet. After 5-6 hours, it gets its normal height.

Scientists found that, when you are in sleep, gravity doesn’t work effectively on your rear bone. So, your rear bone expands a bit. It results in 0.5 feet of height after waking up from good sleep.

  1. Astral Projection
astral projection happen in sleep

It happen only when you are in sleep. You can see yourself getting out of your own body and see yourself sleeping on your bed. This technique is called ‘ Astral Projection ‘. In Astral Projection, you travel the whole world within just a minute.

So many people could face this situation. If you want to unleash this Astral Projection power within you, try to meditate. Most of People did Astral Projection by controlling their minds with meditation. It happens mostly with the one who meditate. Meditation can unleash this power within you. Most of the people have experienced Astral Projection in their life.

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