Monday, June 27, 2022

Mumbai Police ‘s Panchnama mentioned fake height of Sushant to prove Suicide theory.

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Times Now revealed that Panchnama written by Mumbai Police mentioned fake height of Sushant Singh Rajput. They mentioned height between fan and mattress was more than Sushant.

Sushant Singh Rajput was found dead at his apartment on 14th June. So many proofs on social media proved it as a murder. But, no legal action has been taken on this case yet.

What is Panchnama ?

Panchnama is basically legal document written by Police on the time of incident. When some incident takes place, police note down everything which they see at incident. It is legal procedure to be done at the place of crime. Some independent witness sign this Punchnama.

What Mumbai Police mentioned in Panchnama?

When Mumbai Police reached at the place of Sushant incident, they note down everything which proved it as Suicide. That’s why before postmortem, police declared Sushant death was suicide. But, one more thing revealed which proved Suicide theory wrong.

Mumbai Policed mentioned in Panchnama that height between Sushnat’s mattress and fan was 5 feet 11 inch. To prove this as suicide, Mumbai Police wrote Sushant ‘s height as 5 feet 10 inch in Panchnama.

Sushant mentioned his height 6 feet in many interviews. He told that his height is 183 cm means 6 foot and some half inch more. So, if Sushant’s height is more than 6 feet, how could he hang himself with the fan. It’s easy for 6 feet person to touch mattress which is just a feet away.

This proved it, as whole Panchnama about Sushant death written to prove it just as a suicide.

Siddharth Pithani tried to manipulate Sushant’s height on live news channel.

mumbai police panchnama sushant height

In an live interview, Sushant’s case lawyer Ishkaran Bhandari asked Siddharth about the height of Sushant. Siddharth said that sushant was 5 feet 8 inch. He said the same height which wrote in Panchnama.

His false statement makes him the suspect of Sushant Case.

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