What is Aura? How could it bring magic in your life?

What is called Aura ?

In simple language, Aura is an energy field around any objects, animals, and person. .Everything has its Aura surrounded with themselves. It is not visible to anyone. Its like oxygen, which exists but one can’t see it. Your own Aura can attract anyone in your life.

Everything whether it’s living or nonliving has its own Aura. It is scientifically proved that Everything is Energy. If you are reading this article on your mobile then that mobile is not solid but it’s energy in the quantum world. Because, if you go deep into any solid particle, you will get the smallest particle atom. But if someone goes in-depth of atom, at one state it will be seen in the form of Energy only. This whole world is an Energy and everything you see is Energy.

energy aura

Scientifically Aura is an electromagnetic energy which every person has. It’s also called as ‘Human Energy Field’. Every thing (living or non living) has its own electromagnetic energy. Aura is not visible to anyone but every person subconsciously sense other’s Aura. When someone just see you first time, they subconsciously get idea about you. Your subconscious sense other’s Person Aura.

How your Aura attarcts things in your life?

Aura represents your Emotional, Physical, and Mental condition. Ancient Egyptian also used to believe that this whole is an energy. Great scientist Nikola Tesla said, ” If you want to find the secret of the universe, think in terms of energy frequency and vibration.”
As I said, Aura said about your state. When you watch or meet someone the first time, you start getting attracted to them. Because your own Aura matches with her / his Aura. Your energy level matches with that other person and it created energy resonance between both. That’s how you start getting attracted to them.

You start getting attracted to the people who have the same Aura as yours. Even if there are millions of people, you fall in love with that one person. Because, your energy level of Aura matches with them. Always remember Aura represents your Mental, Emotional, and Physical condition. So, do you want your good image or bad image in public? When someone meets you, you expect your good image in their subconscious mind. But, when you will be good, it will naturally happen with you.

Aura ‘s Energy and your positive or Negative attitude

positive and negative aura

The people who are always sad or in tragedy have low Aura. On the other hand, a happy and positive person carries good Aura. That’s why people get more attracted to a happier one. When someone talks to be positive, it’s because you should grow your Aura. That’s why positive thinking is important. Positivity will not make any magic but your positivity will increase your energy level and Aura. Other people would like to give respect to you which they will also not get. But, their subconscious mind will make them respect you.

When someone says be positive it’s not only that you have to behave just happy and smiling. You have to work on yourself internally, which will lead you to be the positive person. Your Aura carries your true feelings that’s why your fake smile or fake positivity will not work for long. Cosmetics will work only 10% to make you attractive. But, your own Aura could make you more attractive. That’s why some peopel with simple dress sense also look good.

Can you grow and increase your Aura ?

Yes, you can grow your own aura. If your Aura is low, don’t worry. Because it is not static. It changes. It is important to remove negativity from your life and start to be positive. Your approach must be towards being happy. Remember, when last time you were so happy, that time your Aura increased automatically. Every bad habit like smoking, drinking etc could decrease your Aura. That’s why things that give you guilt, avoid it.

Many times some people wonder why Gurus have so much influence over People. It’s because they have spiritually grown there Aura which attracts many people. Normally, people carry low Aura which is just away from their skin.

Scientific proof on existence of Auras.

Kirlian photography Aura
photo of hand with Kirlian Photography

Apart from normal photography, there is photography in the scientific world that captures your Aura. The ‘ Kirlian Photography ‘ is a photography technique that captures Aura of anything. If someone captures your hand, it will show something like this where you can observe Aura of hand. The blue-colored layer just away from hand skin is an Aura.

Even if It is possible to detect Aura with photography but still, it is not completely understood.

lord mahavir and buddha

The rounded glowing thing mentioned in pictures of Lord Mahavira and Lord Buddha is nothing but their Aura.

Can you see Aura with your own naked eyes.

chakra energy

Yes, you can see it. But, you have to grow your senses to see anyone’s Aura. But, is not an easy job to increase your senses on that level. For that, you need to be really extremely positive and have to keep yourself from all negative things. It will grow your Aura to that extent where you can observe anyone’s Aura. So, the distance between your Aura and subconscious mind will become less and you can now access your Subconscious mind.

It is scientifically proved that every person has Pineal Gland in their brain. To detect Aura, you have to access your Pineal Gland. Opening Pineal Gland will help you to sense all spiritual things and Aura too.

An Experiment to show you an actual energy field around object.

black dot experiment of aura

Just observe this below image. You can see Red, Blue color circles and Black dot. Now, all you have to do is just focus on the Black dot.

Focus only on Black dot for one minute continuously. Don’t look at Red and Blue circle. If you are observing black dot continuously, you can sense the energy field around the Red and Blue circle. That is an Aura. It was just an experiment to show you how it could work.

How could you sense anyone’s Aura?

To sense anyone’s Aura, you have to lift your consciousness. You have to increase your conscious level which will result in making you able to see Aura. Guide to increase your consciousness

  1. Positive Thinking.
    You have to make yourself inner positive which will reflect in your outer world too. Mainly Positive thinking has two benefits. First is that it increase your Aura which is just a bonus. But, the other main thing is it increases your consciousness. There are many levels in mind. 1. Conscious Mind 2. Subconscious Mind. 3. Superconscious Mind. 4.Collective Conscious Mind and 5.Cosmic Consciousness.

Most of the people can’t reach more than a conscious and subconscious level. As they deal with many negative things and get negative in the environment. The sad and tragic people can’t get a more conscious level.

Gurus ( not fake) or Saints have a wide range of Aura as they spend their whole life to reach the highest level of consciousness. Positivity lifts your consciousness on a higher level.

  1. Don’t get entertained by what is not entertaining you

Most people compromise their life for the thing that doesn’t entertain them. Don’t be that. Because if you are not happy with what you are doing, it’s hard to grow for you. Doing the thing that you don’t love make your consciousness low. Either leave thing that is not entertaining you or just try to love that one thing.

  1. Meditation
    Meditation is the thing that makes your mind calm and helps you to higher your conscious level. It needs practice to successfully attempt meditation.

Hope, this article could aware your about Aura.

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