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Is Salman Khan the owner of Kwan Talent Management Company?

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Kwan Talent Management is the PR celebrity management company that works for Celebrities to clean their individual image in Public. Salman Khan also shares partnership and owner ship with this Kwan company but did not found by him.

How Salman Khan is the owner of Kwan Talent Management?

salman khan owner kwan talent management cmpany

In 2018, a random lady made #metoo allegations on Anirban Blah who was the CEO and Founder of Kwan Company. Till 2018, he was the CEO of the most top PR company. But, due to allegations in 2018, he had to resign from his own Kwan company. So many big celebrities are the clients of this Kwan company. They forced CEO ‘ Anirban Blah ‘ to resign due to #metoo allegations. As soon as Anirban Blah resigned from the company, Salman Khan’s own Talent Management Company UBT took major stakes in the Kwan Talent Management company. Uniworld Being Talented the PR company of Salman Khan became the partner with Kwan. So, Salman Khan is the direct owner of Kwan Company as he has a major of stakes in this company.

Sushant and Kwan Talent Company Connection ?

Sushant had also hired Kwan company as his PR team. Jaya Saha was the manager of Sushant who is now the current manager of Rhea Chakraborty. Somewhere around November 2019, Sushant transferred around 33 lakhs to Kwan Talent Management Company Most probably, it could be for his PR management purpose.

Jaya Saha who was the manager of Sushant was also in touch with Rhea Chakraborty. Both’s viral chats revealed that Jaya used to advise Rhea about drugs that could be mix with tea or Coffee to make anyone unconscious. Also, Jaya used to transfer money to Rhea after getting it from Sushant.

10 Crores rupees transferred to Jaya Saha from Sushant Account

In the latest interview with AajTak, Rhea said that she never user Sushant’s money. There is not a single transaction between her and Sushant. But, the latest investigation by ED revealed that 10 Crore rupees were transferred from the Sushant account to Jaya Saha’s bank account.

When ED asked the reason for this big transaction from the Sushant account, Jaya said that Sushant transferred it to her as a commission of his new project. Mostly, 10% is the probable commission by any big PR agency if they find any project for their client. So, did Sushant get 100 crores rupees project due to Jaya Saha and Kwan Company? Or is it just an excuse by Jaya Saha from Kwan Company?

ED is investigating how these 10 Crore rupees spent by Jaya Saha. Because Jaya Saha didn’t clarify that where did those money spend?

Clients of Kwan Talent Management Company.

The Kwan Talent Management agency manages the PR of Deepika Padukone. They also used to manage the PR of Ranbir Kapoor. In cricketers, Shikar Dhawan is the recent client of the Kwan Company. Last year, Kwan Talent Management Company became the first Talent Management Company to have its partnership with Chinese ‘E stars films’. ‘ E Stars Films is the local Chinese Company who distributed ‘Dangal’, ‘Sultan’, ‘Bajrangi Bhaijaan’, ‘Secret Superstar’, and many Indian films in China.

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