Here What Sushant Rajput ‘s Family lawyer said in Press Conference on Sushant Case?

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Sushant Singh Rajput ‘s three sisters met Sushant ‘s case lawyer Mr Vikas Singh regarding the rumours and allegations on their Rajput Family. Sushant ‘s lawyer Vikas Singh on behalf of Rajput Family held a press conference on 7 PM, Wednesday to clear rumors and allegations about the Sushant case. He also talked about the development of the Sushant murder case.

What Rajput Family Lawyer Vikas Singh said in Press Conference ?

In Press Conference, at 7 PM, Vikas Singh talked on behalf of Sushant ‘s three sisters and his family and father. He said, ” Today Morning, Sushant ‘s sister met me regarding the false allegations and campaign running against their family. The campaign started by some news channels related to Mental Health. We filed FIR and cleared everything that Sushant was not mentally unstable. But, still, rumors spread by some news channel that family knew about Sushant mental health”.

He also said, ” Our FIR clearly mentions that mental problems started with Sushant after Rhea came in her life. Rhea used to appoint a doctor for Sushant regarding his mental health. We tried to contact all doctors to get Sushant ‘s mental health file. But, files never given by doctors to us. Sushant was healthy and anxious before 2019. But, when Rhea came in her life, he became more anxious.”

“On 8th June, Sushant became more anxious. His sister was with him. But, Sushant had no tablets when he was feeling unwell. So, the same tablet that Sushant sister used to take her for her anxiousness problem, she gave it to Sushant. Nothing else happened other than this. Also, Sushant read prescription if tablet, and then took it.”

“In spite of knowing all these facts, some news channel started their campaign on Sushant depression. It is earnest from the Sushant family, please, don’t increase suffering of family with such false propaganda. They are already suffering from Sushant loss, don’t make negativity in their family.”

” There are suggestions by some news channel that Sushant had a life insurance policy. And, the money after death could be delivered to their family if the Sushant case gets proven as a murder. So, the Sushant family trying to prove it as a murder. But, it is not true. Sushant had no such life insurance policy. If someone tried to spread such a rumor again, the family will take legal action against them. “

Approval of Sushant father before releasing any movie on Sushant.

vikas singh sushant family lawyer press conference

Vikas Singh said, ” The family and sisters have decided that no books, film, or series would be made on Sushant murder. If someone tries to make it on the Sushant case, they have to get approval from Sushant’s dad. If anyone released any books, movies, or series on Sushant death with the approval of their family, strict action will be taken against them.

About theory that Sushant was depressed since 2013.

Asking if Sushant was depressed from 2013 or not. Vikas Singh ‘s lawyer replied, ” Some random incidents may happen with him. So he got disturbed at that time. But, it was not something big. So, he recovered also at that time. It was normal and happens with most people. But, some are running camping that he had mental health problems since 2013, it is not true. He had a temporary problem in 2013.”

The press conference ended with a warning for not spreading any rumors about Rajput Family. Also, Vikas Singh said that I shouldn’t have invited such a news channel who spread the campaign against Sushant ‘s death. But, still, we invited as we respect freedom of speech.

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