These are names of 14 Bollywood drug addicts in NCB radar

On 4th September, 8 NCB members reached Rhea Chakraborty ‘s residence. They seized Rhea ‘s brother Showik Chakraborty ‘s laptop, hard drives. NCB cloned Showik ‘s phone and laptop and collected data from his devices. In the data, they found valid proof that Showik used to sell drugs to Bollywood actors, politicians. Around 14 Bollywood celebrities names are in the list of NCB who user to buy drug from Showik.

In an interrogation with NCB, Showik revealed that he used to sell drugs on behalf of her sister Rhea Chakraborty. Rhea used to get him an entry in Bollywood parties where he sold drugs to many Bollywood people. *
NCB said to the court, ” Showik is a part of an active drug syndicate. High profile persons are a part of that syndicate. There is a purpose to uncover others in the syndicate. We are looking for a big fish”.

When NCB analyzed Showik ‘s digital data, they found that in the case of drugs, he was in touch with 14 people from Bollywood to supply drug to them. These names are going to the public soon and will also be circulated across all mainstream media.

14 Names of Bollywood drug buyer that are in radar of NCB

1.Manish Malhotra

Manish Malhotra is a popular fashion designer in Bollywood. He is very well known for his designs for big Bollywood celebrities. He is very closed to Karan Johar, Shah Rukh Khan, and also all big names of Bollywood. Now, NCB found his name in the drug racket of Bollywood.

2.Rumi Zafery

14 bollywood names ncb drug

Rumi Zafery is the Bollywood director. After Sushant ‘s death, the director revealed that he has signed a movie of Sushant and Rhea together. The Rom-Com movie was the first on-screen pair for Rhea and Sushant. Now, recently, NCB found that Rumi ‘s connection with Showik for drugs.

3.Sajid Nadiadwala

Sajid was also in touch with Showik Chakraborty. Everyone knows he is the director, producer, and also the owner of Nadiadwala Grandson Entertainment. He is popular for his Housefull movie series

4.Vicky Kaushal

Vicky Kaushal the new Bollywood star face is also in the list of NCB. Already, he was spotted at Karan Johar’s party where one can see he was high with some drug. He denied that he takes drugs and that night there was no drug party but a casual meet of all Bollywood friends.

5.Ranbir Kapoor

 bollywood drug 14 ncb

Many people say that Ranbir Kapoor is a big drug addict. Ranbir never cleared anything about his drug consumption. Ranbir also spotted at Karan Johar’s party and so many people say that he was high with drugs. Now, NCB has his name in the customer list of Showik Chakraborty

6.Ranveer Singh

14 bollywood ncb drug

Ranveer Singh is the most energetic actor in Bollywood. One can hardly say that he uses drugs. But, also, no one knows what really does happen in Bollywood? Ranveer’s wife Deepika Padukone was also spotted at Karan Johar’s drug party video. But, Ranveer Singh never saw at such a party. His name never found in connection with drugs. But, suddenly, NCB found that he was in touch with Showik for drugs.

7.Ekta Kapoor

14 bollywood ncb drug

Ekta Kapoor the owner of Balaji Telefilms also noticed by NCB. NCB found that she used to take drugs from Showik. Not knows that does she use it for personal purposes or for someone else?

8.Sussanne Khan

Sussanne Khan is the fashion designer and Ex-Wife of Hritik Roshan. She is also on the list of NCB. Her affair with Arjun Rampal made controversy and also a problem in Hritik and her marriage life.

9.Arjun Rampal

Arjun Rampal the Bollywood actor and also a drug addict. Now, his name in the Showik Drug case confirms it. Also, Arjun had affair with Sussane which lead to the divorce of Sussane with Hritik Roshan

Some other names from Bollywood are

11.Avneet Mahavir,
12.Dilip Chabbra
13.Raj Asthana
14.Samir Kapoor

Also, there are some names that could reveal when an investigation goes deeper. These are the names that came out when Showik ‘s digital data analyzed. Still, NCB is analyzing Rhea Chakraborty’s data. Rhea was also in touch with some other celebrities, politicians. And used to supply drugs to them.

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