Disha Salian dialed 100 and called Mumbai Police on 8th June Night.

Nitesh Rane the BJP MLA revealed and questioned Mumbai Police on YouTube live with Ishkaran Singh Bhandari. Nitesh Rane said that Disha Salian dialed Mumbai Police ‘s helpline number 100 on the night of 8th June.

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What happened with Disha Salian on 8th June?

Nitesh Rane who investigated this whole matter personally revealed so many questions over Disha death mystery. He narrated the whole incident. He said that, On 8th June, Disha was called at a party where so many influential and powerful people were present. She went there with her Friend. A car came to pick them up and they reached their at party. But, in party, some wrong incidents happened with her.

After that, she left the party to went back to her home. In between, she tried to contact Mumbai Police. Disha Salian dialed 100 the Mumbai Police Helpline number and narrated the whole incident that happened with her at the party. Nitesh Rane confirms that Mumbai Police has a call recording of Disha Salian. Police knew about the Incident. After that, she called Sushant and told him the whole incident. She was on way to her flat at Malad Malvani.

Sushant talked about Disha’s incident to Rhea. But, Rhea alert to those people who were present at that party. Because the people who were present at the party were relatives and friends of Rhea. So, those people sent their goons at Disha ‘s flat where her fiance Rohan Rai was also present.

The death of Disha Salian on 8th June.

Disha Salian reached her flat where all those goons were present already. They killed and pushed her from the balcony to make it a suicide case. Nitesh Rane said, ” Only, Rohan Rai could clear whether is it suicide or murder. If it is a suicide, why does he came down to the apartment after 25 minutes to see Disha ‘s dead body? He was the closest one but still didn’t take immediate action after her death. He is the biggest witness of this whole incidence.” Nitesh Rane said that eyewitnesses (society people) who were around Disha ‘s dead body said to him that Rohan Rai took 25 minutes to come after Disha ‘s dead body.

disha salian called dialed 100 mumbai police nitesh rane
Disha and Fiance and actor Rohan Rai

Nitesh Rane also said that Rohan must be pressurized to not talk about this incident. He was a model and TV Actor and working to get a break in Bollywood movies. But, suddenly he left for his village after Disha’s death. Nitesh Rane a month ago talked with Rohan on a call. Rohan was so disturb and tense. He didn’t want to come in public and also so terrified. Nitesh said that he must be in a threat. Roham was also planning the funeral of Disha on 9th June. But, it did happen on 11th June after the postmortem. And, on 11th June, Rohan was not at her funeral.

The next day, some people came to Sushant flat and took all digital data in 8 hard disks. Because, Sushant was collecting proof to give justice to Disha.

Nitesh Rane suggested to track the phone of those suspected people and find whether they were present at that party. “CBI should analyze phone of people who are suspected and should find whether they were close with Disha or not”, said Nitesh.

In any case, if CBI needs help and evidence about this case, he will give them all, said Nitesh Rane.

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