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What does OP mean in Gaming? doesn’t mean Original Poster.

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OP is generally used as a short word for ‘Original Poster’. It means the person who initiated the conversation. It is generally used everywhere in daily life. Also, on social media, when someone starts talking about any random topic, the person referred to as ‘OP’.

On Instagram or Facebook, if a person posts any photo and when people start talking or commenting about the particular photo. Then, the person who posted is referred to as an ‘OP – Original Poster’. Also, if you ask me, What does O.P mean and here I am answering the question, then I am ‘O.P’ in this case

What does OP mean in Gaming ?

what does op mean in gaming

Apart from the regular life meaning of ‘O.P’, the gaming world carries a whole different full form and meaning of ‘ O.P ‘. In Gaming, O.P means ‘overpowered’. When an opponent becomes more powerful and damaging your team then that player is referred to as ‘O.P’.

‘OP – Overpowered’ is a player who has more power and can carry more damage to any opponent.

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