Shah Rukh Khan, Arjun Rampal and Ranbir Kapoor are S,A and R of NCB

The code names of NCB, A, D, R, and S revealed. A means Arjun Rampal, D to Dino Morea, R to Ranbir Kapoor, and S to Shah Rukh Khan in the NCB list.

NCB official said that- We have reliable information. We will take steps on the basis of technical evidence

Big disclosure in Bollywood drug case. Drug peddlers have also taken the names of four Bollywood Stars in the NCB inquiry. These are Shah Rukh Khan, Ranbir Kapoor, Arjun Rampal, and Dino Morea in the list of NCB. The big news is that Arjun Rampal has been supplying drugs to Shahrukh. Till now only the names of actresses were coming. For the first time, big male stars are also coming in this case.

An NCB official has revealed the big names of Bollywood on the condition of anonymity. ‘Bhaskar News’ has a full recording of his conversation. Names didn’t reveal in the media for two days. Instead of them, only the code names of ‘A’, ‘D’ R ‘and’ S ‘ were being said.

Now it has become clear that A means Arjun Rampal, D to Dino Morea, R to Ranbir Kapoor, and S to Shahrukh Khan. The NCB official said that the source of the drug peddler said that Arjun Rampal has been supplying drugs to Shahrukh Khan. But to whom did Dino Morea supply? The officer said that it is yet to investigate. The inquiry continues.

Talk with NCB officer is as follows:

Question: Who told NCB about these names?

Officer: A source of drug peddlers. He has told that Arjun Rampal takes drugs to Shahrukh’s house. Information is credible, but now we will wait for that person to have a seizure. As soon as it un-folded, we will take action against these suspected actors on the basis of technical evidence.

Question: Who is the source of the paddler, what is his name?

Officer: They don’t let me stay, the source of that paddler is an outsider. There are two intelligence inputs, the source is not a second class man, that has come and is telling the NCB. These are inputs from an international agency.

Question: And who is this paddler whom his source has spoken? David or Anuj Keswani etc.

Officer: Right now all this is technically unrelated. Paddler David is un-related. It is a fully credible person with intelligence input, which is a fellow of the paddler’s contact. Also, he has been with Arjun Rampal. We have some credible proof that Arjun has a connection with Shahrukh and Dino Morea is with someone else.

Question: Whom did Dino Morea supply?

Officer: This will be asked of him only. They will tell who they used to supply.

Question: When will NCB send summons to all of them?

Officer: There will be no summons in this matter. Directly, men will wake up, only then work will be done.

Question: What does it mean to get up?

Officer: Well, we are working now …

Question: What’s the update on the rest of Deepika, Sara, Shraddha? Will he be summoned again?

Officer: Not yet. Something else can go on, but not now.

Question: Today, the High Court order came again in Riya-Shouvik case …

Officer: Did not come till six and a half in the evening.

Question: There are two names, but what will we do with Shahrukh, he has a very big name…

Officer: The input from International Intelligence has been received by them, now NCB is preparing on what will happen next.

Shahrukh Khan is in Dubai for his Team KKR

shah rukh khan, arjun rampal, ranbir kapoor, s r a d ncb

Shahrukh Khan is currently in Dubai and is enjoying the IPL. At the same time, Arjun Rampal is shooting for one of his films in Mumbai. Talking about Ranbir, he was celebrating his birthday with his family in Mumbai. Dino Morea is also currently in Mumbai.

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