India Today ‘s Journalist leaked audio where pressuring Hatras Victim’s brother to make video against administration

A Hathras Tragedy that took place a week ago shocked the nation. Whole nation demanding justice for Manisha Valmiki. But, a lot of details are still under investigation. Many things are yet to unearth. Politicians already started a protest against this case. They headed towards Hathras Village yesterday, but police have to take action against them as section 144 was imposed. Between this India Today ‘s journalist, Tanushree Pandey ‘s audio leaked which confirm their own one sided propaganda on this issue
Misinformation is also being spread by mainstream media to promote their own agenda. A a lot of things are yet to be discovered in this case, the SIT probe has been ordered in this matter.

Leaked audio conversation of India Today Journalist Tanushree Pandey with Victim’s brother

Tanushree oandey leaked audio india today hathras brother pressurizing father make video
Tanushree Pandey

Audio Conversation between victim Manisha ‘s brother Sandeep and India Today Journalist Tanushree Pandey is leaked and going viral. In this conversation, Sandeep is explaining the situation around their house. He is reporting about police security around their house. Tanushree Pandey is asking Sandeep about her father. In this conversation, Tanushree Pandey trying hard to convince her brother to make a video of Manisha’s father saying “we have a lot of pressure from state government”.

In this audio, one can hear clearly how Tanushree Pandey is giving misinformation to his brother. Tanushree says that she heard from somewhere that administration is trying to blame the family for the girl’s tragic death. But, Tanushree didn’t reveal any source. Also, this is nowhere in mainstream media that the administration is trying to do something like this. Tanushree clearly convincing Sandeep to make a video of a father saying pressure from the administration.

She says, “Sandeep, please do one thing for me. I promise that I will not go from here until your family has received justice… Sandeep, shoot a video of your father where he says, ‘Yes, there was a lot of pressure on me to issue a statement that I am satisfied. I want an investigation because my daughter has died. And we were not even allowed to see her and she was buried.‘”

She adds, “It will only take five minutes. Quickly make the video and sent it to me only.” In this conversation, Tanushree also tried to incite Sandeep about SIT. But, Sandeep answered that SIT asked them relevant questions and then left.
Also, she asked Sandeep about any other way to enter the village. Because it is not valid to enter in a village in this time of Section 144. She told Sandeep that anything bad could also happen to them so if in any case they felt like danger calls her. She will enter the village from those ways. In such a manner, she made him answer her question.

In this conversation, Tanushree asked Victim’s father video. She told the video will be uploaded by Priyanka Gandhi on her Twitter. This is not the first time with journalist Tanushree Pandey. She also spread the same propaganda under the name of journalism in CAA time. She already named a lot more time for spreading leftist propaganda.

The audio is accesed by Opindia.