Boycott Eros Now trends on twitter as Eros ‘s vulgar tweet on Hindu Festival

Eros Now the film production company criticized by twitteraits by trending Boycott Eros Now for tweeting Hindu Festivals in a vulgar manner.

Eros Now ‘s wishes on Hindu Festival

Eros Now hurt sentiments of Hindu Religion. They have wished Navratri in a very vulgur manner on their twitter. Also, on instagram, they are sharing the half naked pictures of actress to wish Navratri. Angry twitteraits started boycott Eros Now trend and made #boycotterosnow in top Twitter trend.

There is no any clarification from CEO ‘Kishow Lulla’ of Eros Now.

Tweets from Eros Now on Navratri

Boycott Eros now hindu festival

These are all the controversial tweets and posts by Eros Now. In case of other religions festival, they have showed decency. But, on Hindu Festival, Eros Now made vulgar posts and hurt fans sentiment.