FauG Game Teaser Trailer: Fans disappointed with Graphics, ask to improve it.

The teaser trailer of Upcoming FauG Game has been released on Dussehra. The trailer does not show the weapons and other major things of the game. There are no major revelations about the Fau-G game in its trailer. But, the trailer gave the idea about the game graphics. Fans disappointed with the Fau-G Game graphics after the trailer released. They demanded more improved graphics in the game.

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FauG Game Announcement

FauG game announced on 8th September and marketed by Akshay Kumar.The Fau-G Game founded by India’s gaming company ‘ N-Core ‘. The co-founder Vishal Gondal claimed that the game will compete with other International games like PUBG. But, it seems that the game lacks far behind the game like Pubg.
Co-founder Vishal Said, “There’s a belief that Indian game developers can’t produce good quality games, at nCore we want to prove that mentality wrong. We want to bring out games that can compete with international games,” Gondal said. “Our team of developers is highly qualified and capable of developing games as good as PUBG or any other international games.”

FauG game first teaser trailer

The first teaser trailer of game Faug came on Dussehra. In one – minute long video, there is a glimpse of combat without weapons. The game graphics doesn’t look top-notch in the video which is also shared by Akshay Kumar. This trailer also shows the glimpse of Galvan Valley. It is visible in trailer that the first episode of game based on Galvan Valley.

Reaction on FauG game teaser trailer and graphics.

faug game teaser trailer graphics

The video shared by Akshay Kumar on his social media. Fans who were so excited about the FauG game got disappointed with the teaser trailer for not giving high-quality graphics like PUBG. Fans started demanding to improve the game on social media. On Twitter, they tag Akshay Kumar, N-Core games, and also trend hashtags of FauG to improve the graphic quality of the game.

Already the game criticized by so many Indians for bringing a copy of the Pubg game just after its ban. But makers clarified, they already had planned to bring multiplayer combat game even before the Pubg ban. The game announced two days after the Pubg ban.

The game will officially launched on November 2020.