Joe Bidden ‘s first wife, current wife, son daughters and family photos

Joe Bidden elected as 46th President of United States on 7th November. He is of the age 77 and born on November 20, 1942. He belongs to Democratic Party of the United States.

Joe Bidden Family

Bidden with her first wife and children’s Beau, Hunter and Naomy

Joe married twice and fathered four children. His first wife died along with her first daughter in car accident. He married second time in the year 1977.

Joe Bidden ‘s first wife Neila Hunter and their childrens

Joe Bidden married with Neila Hunter in the year 1966. The couple have two sons named ‘Beau Bidden’ and ‘Hunter Bidden‘ and one daughter named ‘Naomy Bidden’. Son Beau Bidden died due to brain cancer in 2015 at the age of 46.

Joe Bidden ‘s Daughter Naomy and first wife died in car accident in December 1972. In the year 1977, Joe Bidden married to Jill Bidden.

Joe Bidden ‘s current wife Jill Bidden and their daughter

Family of Joe photos
Joe Bidden, Jill Bidden and Ashley Bidden

Jill Bidden who is the second wife of Joe Bidden is the former second lady of United States. The couple has a one daughter named ‘ Ashley Bidden ‘. Ashley is a social worker and married.

Joe Bidden First Wife, Current Wife, Son and Daughters Family Photos Collection

Joe Bidden' first wife Neila Hunter photos
Bidden with his first wife Neila Hunter
Joe Bidden' family photos first wife
Joe Bidden’ and Neila Hunter with Beau and Hunter
Joe Bidden family photos daughter naomy bidden
Neila ‘s Daughter’s Naomy Bidden
Beau bidden death Joe bidden
Son Beau Bidden
Joe bidden Hunter son photos
Son Hunter Bidden
Daughter Ashley Bidden