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Why Karnataka People hate India ‘s crush Rashmika Mandanna

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Rashmika Mandanna who is now the National Crush of India, also facing a lot of negative comments from Karnataka People. Most people from Karnataka have hate for India ‘s new crush Rashmika Mandanna.

Here is Why Rashmika Mandanna hated by Karnataka people

Rashmika Mandanna ‘s career began with modeling. In 2014, she won the title of ‘Clean and Clear Times Fresh Face of India’. After that, she was noticed by the makers of the Kannada Film Industry. Rashmika got her first Kannada Movie ‘ Kirik Party’. She was in lead for that movie along with Kannada Film Star Rakshit Shetty. During the shoot, both Rakshit and Rashmika fell in love and started dating each other. The movie ‘Kirik Party’ became a hit for the Kannada Film Industry. Also, Rakshit Shetty and Rashmika Mandanna announced their engagement. Both got engaged on 3 July 2017. Rashmika was 20 Years old and Raskhit was 33 when both engaged.

rakshit shetty rashmika mandanna

Rashmika became a popular face in the Kannada Film Industry. She also got a couple of film offers. She started getting offers from Telugu Film Industry. Her first Telugu film was Chalo and then Geetha Govindam. After the release of Geetha Govindam, Rashmika got mainstream media fame from the Telugu Industry. But, after the next month of the release of the movie Geetha Govindam, Raskhit Shetty, and Rashmika Mandanna broke off their engagement due to compatibility issues.

Outrage of Karnataka People over Rashmika Mandanna ‘s break up with Raskhit Shetty

Rakshit Shetty is one of the respected and loved actors in the Kannada Film Industry. After the breakup, Karnataka audience blamed Rashmika Mandanna for their break up. Rashmika was blamed to use Rakshit ‘s fame to get movie offers from the industry and to dump the Kannada Film Industry. Also, rumors of the affair of Vijay Deverakonda and Rashmika Mandanna started during Geetha Govindam. These also made disappointment among the Kannada audience. Vijay Deverakonda after cleared that for him, Rashmika is always her friend and has no affair.

Some Karnataka people have hate for Rashmika Mandanna for dumping Kannada Industry. People blame Rashmika Mandanna as the reason for the break up with Raskhit Shetty.

Reason behind Rashmika and Raskhit break up

karnataka people hate rashmika mandanna

When Rakshit Shetty was asked about break up, he told, ” One has to face this kind of challenges and heartbreaks in life. It learns you a lot and we should cherish it. I knew about Rashmika ‘s big dreams and wishes for her good future”. Rashmika told that she is facing a lot of backlash from people and trying to stay away from these all comments. It is said that Rashmika wanted to focus on her career and that’s why she ended up this marriage.

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