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Founder of Oh no they didn’t (ontd) : A successful teenager ‘s community on livejournal

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ONTD also knows as Oh No They Didn’t became widely famous in US. It was a community started on Livejournal by three teenagers named Erin Lang, Bri Draffen and Breniecia Reuben.

Analytics of oh no they didn’t

ONTD is the largest community on Livejournal.It has more than 100,000 members. The blogs of this community gets 1 M of pageviews daily. This community has discussion about celebrity gossips and pop culture. It is open for everyone to discuss any gossip, that’s why most of it’s post is taken from other websites. ONTD became the first community to reach the maximum post comments 5000.

LiveJournal logo

The community publishes an average of 100 member posts per day. Most of the post have comments between 100 – 500. It received so much engagements on his it’s single community that it made LiveJournal crash. LiveJournal had downtime in 2009 due to a lot of discussion on it about Michael Jackson death. It made downtime of the entire domain of LiveJournal.

Founder of Ontd

Erin Lang, Bri Draffen and Breniecia Reuben founder of ontd oh no they didn't
Three teenagers who founded Ontd

‘Oh no they didn’t’ founded by three black teenagers named Erin Lang, Bri Draffen and Breniecia Reuben. There black teenagers who are the founder of ontd, received lot of awards for their blog. It started in 2004. But, periodically it’s traffic went on decreasing.

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