Is Akshay Kumar the citizen of Canada (Canadian)? Here what Akshay Kumar has to say

Akshay Kumar the Khiladi of Bollywood is criticized many times by People for having Canadian citizenship. But, had Akshay really been in Canada?

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Is Akshay Kumar Indian or Canadian ?

Akshay Kumar was born in Amritsar, Punjab in a Punjabi family. He grew up in Mumbai. Also, he went to Thailand for 5 years to learn martial arts. After 5 years, he went back to Mumbai. Akshay started martial arts classes to earn a penny. But, also started doing modeling. First, he started with modeling, and then he joined acting. In this period, he never went to Canada. But still, Akshay Kumar holds Canadian citizenship. On documents, Akshay Kumar is a Canada Citizen even after staying full time in India.

Here what Akshay Kumar has to say about his Canada Citizenship

Akshay kumar canada citzenship citizen interview

In an interview cleared about his citizenship. First, Akshay Kumar agreed that he has Canadian citizenship. He said, ” It was a time when my 14 movies went continuously flop. I was shooting for my 15th Films. But, I became so insecure about my Bollywood career. I thought my Career has ended now. My friend who lives in Canada called me and said to come there in Canada. He said that he has plans for me and him so that I could earn and survive there. So, I applied and got my Canadian citizenship. I had planned to went to Canada after completing the shooting of the 15th film. But, eventually, the movie got superhit. And, after that, I never thought to stop and started giving my full attention to my Bollywood. But, I never thought of getting my Indian citizenship back meanwhile, as I was so busy and thought that it will not really matter.”

On controversy about Akshay Kumar ‘s Canada citizenship, he talks ” Now, when people are trolling and poking me for having Canada citizenship, I have applied for my Indian Passport. And, I am sure that I will get my Indian Citizenship back. But, I have no bad intentions that go against my country India”.