How to Find the Blueprint to Your Life?

You need a Blueprint to build a house, you need a model to build a business, and you need a plan to be successful at a task.

But, have you ever thought what do you need to build up a successful life?

Well, no worries, because it’s never too late to find the blueprint to your life.

One of my favorite author, Vishen Lakhiani, calls it the ‘SOULPRINT’.

The questions is, why do I need a Soulprint?

That’s because when you know your plan of action well, there is nothing in the world stopping you to grow. You know what your soul needs, nothing that anybody says will ever affect you and nothing that anybody does will ever affect you.

You’ll become unbeatable!!

How do we find our soulprint or the blueprint to your soul?

It’s pretty easy and people love doing this small exercise!

It’s important that when you do this exercise you should be in a very relaxed state with no disturbances.

Grab a pen and paper before you sit.

Set a timer of 20 minutes on your phone.

‘Start writing all the peaks and lows of your life one by one!’

Yes, that’s pretty much it!

I’ll give you an example:

One of my many lowest point were in school days where when my peers saw me as a misfit hence never treated me well.

One of my highest points were when I successfully organized one of the craziest events in my college.

What about you?

You can mention as many lowest and highest as you want, you better mention all because it’ll help you to understand yourself better.

But, all of this in 20 minutes?

It’s okay if you exceed 20, as time constraint just help you stop all your wonderland land thoughts and be more practical, logical and rational when you write.

After writing these, this where the real part starts:

Consider all your lowest and highest points and find out which value really matters to you. What is your Soulprint?

It’s simple, considering my lowest point where my peers found me misfit and never treated me well, I realized how much COMPASSION mattered to me. Considering my highest point, where organizing a college event gave me one of the biggest kicks in my life until now, I realized how much LEADERSHIP mattered to me in my life.

Like this, after considering all your points, you’ll end up with a list of certain values that matters to you the most and compromising those will give you sorrow and following those will give you the eternal happiness. That is your Blueprint!

These values are different for different people. You might realize some values late in your life but you’ll know them eventually.

Well, we all think that the worst of the situation shouldn’t happen to us. But, now you might know that it is the Universe’s way to tell you who YOU are!  

With that, Congratulations, if you’ve read up the blog till the end. This is because you’re one step closer to knowing yourself better.

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