Typing ‘gg’ in Facebook post comments is not the only one text delights, discover many more

As a Facebook user, you must have experienced animation floating all over your screen just after clicking one text comment. Well, this feature from Facebook is called ‘ Text Delights ‘. It is hard to find Facebook ‘ Text Delights Animation list. Because, Facebook has never introduced them officially. These animated Delights like ‘gg’ are working across many more Facebook user’s account when they type it in post comment.

Typing ‘ gg ‘ in Facebook Comment and list of many more text Delights from Facebook

Typing gg in facebook comments facebook Delights Animation

Recently a new facebook animation text delight feature is discovered by users. Users are typing ‘gg’ in facebook comments and then animation of ‘ Fist Bump ‘ is appearing on Facebook Screen. Fb users are typing it in any random comment and enjoying this feature. The animation only appears on screen when that facebook comment ‘gg’ goes pink.

There are many more single word comment that shows this animation feature on Facebook. The list of this Fb Text Delights are as follows :

  • Congratulations
  • Congrats
  • xoxo
  • Bff
  • Best Wishes
  • You Got This
  • Lovely Time
  • Wonderful Time
  • You’re the Best
  • Gooaal
  • Rad

Note before using these Facebook Text Delights :

These Facebook Text Delights may not be working for every user. Some of them works as a text in post , while some of them works in comments or in both text or comments. Some of the Facebook user are not getting the animation on screen even after typing ‘gg’ in Facebook comments. You can try by typing each and every Text Delights in post comments. If you discover any more this animation feature in Facebook, you can share it comments.

What does ‘GG’ stands for, in Facebook Comments ?

GG is popular word among Online Gamers. GG basically means Good Game. But, Facebook introduced this GG word without clarifying any introduction to it. So, Facebook trying to give some kind of mini animation fun with just some random letters like ‘ GG’. Not only GG, but users are also experiencing animation on their screen by typing ‘ggg’. Type ‘G’ two times or three times in capital or small, it triggers animation on Facebook Screen. Facebook also triggers different version of animated fist Bump by clicking on that one ‘gg’ comment many times.