Is ‘Riya Meri Girlfriend’ the original phrase in Scam 1992 ‘s BGM Lyrics ?

Scam 1992 ‘s BGM became highly popular among youngsters. A lot of people are confused with the Lyrics of Scam 1992 ‘s BGM. Though it is just music, people have noticed the phrase ‘ Riya Meri Girlfriend ‘ in the Scam 1992 BGM (Music).

Is it ‘Riya Meri Girlfriend’ or some other phrase in Scam 1992 ‘s BGM lyrics?

When the series Scam 1992 started taking hype, a lot of other people appreciated Scam 1992 ‘s BGM too. It became famous when people started putting this Music in their Instagram stories. A lot of Viewers from Youtube noticed that the background phrase sounds like ‘ Riya Meri Girlfriend ‘ in this BGM. From that, people also started calling this BGM ‘ Riya Meri Girlfriend Music ‘. It is quite funny, but it all went viral in such a way.

Acchint Thakkar Riya meri girlfriend or some other phrase in lyrics of Scam 1992 BGM music
Musician Achint Thakkar in picture

This Scam 1992 BGM was originally composed by musician Achint Thakkar. In his official Instagram Handle, he shared the making of this BGM. In which, one can clearly get an idea about the Lyrics of BGM. If you pay attention, you get that Achint Thakkar says “Jiya mere zor se”. It basically means in Hindi that ‘Harshad Mehta’ lived his life to the fullest by himself.

One can see the making of the music here :

Achint Thakkar composed this particular phrase in such a creative way that phrase ‘s sound matches with many other phrases too. One can also hear ‘ Riya mere Ghar pe ‘, ‘ Kiya Maine Zor se ‘, ‘ Diya mere Sir pe ‘ , ‘ Priya mere ghar pe ‘, ‘ Priya Meri Girlfriend ‘, ‘Hilade Sirse’. It all depends on how the listener focuses on that background phrase of this Music.

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