What? Official Instagram handle of Apple accidently followed Indian teenager boy?

Official Instagram handle of Giant Tech ‘ Apple ‘accidently followed an Indian Teenager boy with username smarty_anubhav_1111. The account of the user smarty_anubhav_1111 hacked after getting the unwanted publicity by Memers.

Instagram account of Apple followed the Indian Boy on Instagram accidently

Apple on Instagram follows only 6 verified accounts. But, accidently, the indian teenager boy with username smarty_anubhav_1111 observed in following list of verified Instagram account of Apple. Lot of Memers noticed this and started making it viral with memes.

Apple team noticed that they accidentally followed some random user on Instagram. So, they unfollowed it.

Account of that Indian Boy got hacked

The Indian boy’s account to whom Apple followed hacked by some other Internet user. Now, the same user created new account with same username of smarty_anubhav_1111 on Instagram. Also, lot other people started creating account with kind of similar username in Instagram to gain followers.