Stand up comedian Munawar Faruqi beaten in live show for commenting on Hindu Gods

Stand Up comedian Munawar Faruqi had show in Indore ‘s Monroe cafe. During the love show, members of Hindu Rakshak Sanghatan were also present. Munawar Faruqi made funny comments about Hindu Gods and beaten by those Hindu Sanghatan members in Indore ‘s Monroe cafe.

Munawar Faruqi sent to Turoganj Police Station for further investigation

Stand ho comedian Munawar Faquqi beaten indore making comments on hindu gods

Hindu Rakshak Sanghatan leaders made accusations on Munawar Faruqi for making comments on Hindu Gods and Amit Shah. It is said that they beaten Munawar Faruqi and sent event organizers and munawar to Turoganj Police station. Hindu Rakshak Sanghatan ‘s Eklavya Gaudd said that ‘Munawar made comments against Hindu Gods in past too. We entered in show by booking tickets. Also, his next show in Jaipur cancelled.’ Eklavya disagreed on beating Munawar in live show.

Monroe Cafe ‘s director had no idea about this standup comedy show

Monroe cafe ‘s director Muktansh Jain said that some person with name Nalin Saheb organised this event saying that it is kind of family party. He was not aware about stand up comedian ‘s show in his own cafe. He also didn’t know that tickets sold for the event at his cafe. Muktansh said that, I am investigating how someone organized paid event at my cafe without permission.

Police complaint filed against Munawar Faruqi and 4 others who organized this event. Around 9 months ago, Munawar Faquqi was in headline for making comments on Goddess Sita. So many people warned him on hurting Hindu Sentiments too.

Here is the viral video from the standup comedian Munawar Faruqi ‘s Monroe Cafe’s show