March For Trump : 50,000 people are expected to March in support of Trump in Washington DC on 6th Jan

Trump supporters planned the biggest march in support of Trump to demand transparency in US Election Results. March For Trump is scheduled on 6th January around 7 am at White House Ellipse, Washington DC. This Pro-Trump supporter march is the 3rd one scheduled against the Election Results of the United States.

The March For Trump in Washington DC is organized by ‘ Women For America First ‘. The organization’s website said that they ” demand transparency and protect the election integrity “. Trump said on Twitter that this Protest could be very wild and very big. Because Donald Trump didn’t agree to the recent election results of the US that were against the Republican Party.

About Event ‘March For Trump’ at Washington, DC

The website called People to support Trump through the protest event. They promoted this event with the name ‘March to Save American Rally’. Website ‘‘ had uploaded every detail and aim to conduct this protest. Website writes, ” Democrats are scheming to disenfranchise and nullify Republican votes. It’s up to the American people to stop it. Along with President Trump, we will do whatever it takes to ensure the integrity of this election for the good of the nation”.

The conservative woman group, Women for America First, originally requested a protest permit for Jan 22-23. But, amended the dates for the rally on Jan. 6, according to an official at the U.S. Park Service. The website promoted the campaign and demanded People to come forward as election results are manipulated. This website asked for donations from people for this ‘ March For Trump ‘ held in Washington, DC.

Website opened online registration for people who want to join this march. The registration will closed on 12AM of 3rd January.

Number of people expected to Join the protest

march for trump in washington dc at 6th jan

It is expected that around 50,000 people could come to the White House Ellipse to join the protest. The organization is managing the comfort of all the protestors coming out there. But, the organization sought permission of around only 5000 people for this Protest. There are lot another Republican supporter. Who showed interest to Join this March For Trump in Washington DC.

President Trump tweeted that the Director of the Office of Trade and Manufacturing Policy Peter Navarro delivered a 36-page report. Which was itemizing proof of supposed election misrepresentation. President Trump guarantees that the report show measurements that demonstrate. That says that it was incomprehensible for him to have lost the 2020 election.

As per the Twelfth Amendment, Congress relied upon to hold a joint meeting on Jan 6. It is to check the electoral college votes and proclaim President-elect Joe Biden as the presidential victor.

The ‘Million MAGA March’ that occurred in the Region a month ago. To fight President Donald Trump’s misfortune in the 2020 political race prompted conflicts with police. And showdowns between favorable to Best allies and counter-nonconformists in the territory of Freedom Plaza and Black Lives Matter Plaza.

Around 33 “un-related” captures, four individuals wounded at the convergence of eleventh Road and F Road in midtown D.C. . It is close to Black Lives Matter Plaza, and eight officials harmed in association with the shows, D.C. Police said.