Facebook saved a Life of a man from Maharashtra ‘s Dhule who was attempting his suicide on Facebook Live

The 23 year old man from Dhule city of Maharashtra was attempting his suicide video on facebook live, saved. He had slit his wrist on Sunday and was uploading it live on Facebook . But, he saved, as Facebook contacted Mumbai Police and informed them about this ongoing scenario.

How exactly the Facebook proceed to save man from suicide attempt?

Ireland Facebook Staff was inspecting the Facebook accounts. In that period, the staffers noticed a man attempting Suicide on Facebook Live. So, The staffers of Ireland Facebook Office contacted to the Maharashtra ‘s cyber deputy commissioner of Police Mrs. Rashmi Karandikar. Rashmi Karandikar informed about this scenario at 8:10 pm. She immediately informed her team to locate the exact address of the man. Facebook team and Mumbai Police both located the address of Maharashtra ‘s Dhule city. They contacted with Dhule Police which rushed at that man ‘s house and saved his life. The man had already slit his wrist and was dying. Soon, the police sent him to the local hospital and he discharged on Monday.

“The fact that the youth was streaming the act from Dhule’s Bhoi society was intimated to police there, including Nashik Range Inspector General Pratap Dighavkar and Dhule Superintendent of Police Chinmay Pandit. Local police reached the youth’s home at 9 pm,” Mumbai Police officer said.