How to get the Right Approach towards Life?

Don’t you feel right approach is the single most important thing in life?

In the movie ‘Made In China’, Raghu gets successful (after say 1000 attempts) only when Tanmay Shah changes his approach towards business. In real life, Abraham Lincoln was considered as a failure until his late 40’s. He proved it wrong in his early 50’s by becoming the President of United States. Not just the President but one of the most celebrated President of United States. This was only because his approach towards life never changed irrespective of what people thought about him.

The way in which we approach things controls our successes and failures. Approach decides whether something is right or wrong. It decides whether the number you see is a 6 or 9. It defines your smartness level and your intelligence level. The world runs around the word ‘Approach’. If approach is so important, then how do we acquire the right approach towards life?

One of the best solutions towards getting a better approach is a ‘Gratitude Journal’.

Now, Why Gratitude Journal?

Gratitude is consistently associated with more happiness. It helps you feel more positive emotions, appreciate good experiences. Also, it improves their physical and mental health and build healthy relationships.

Many researches were conducted by different scientists with gratitude in context. They have consistently proved, ‘Gratitude’ as the greatest and parent of all virtues.

I recommend writing a gratitude journal in the morning just after you wake up. The reason being, the time when you wake up, brain’s neural activity is at its peak. So, you generally carry that positive emotion throughout the day. You take optimistic decisions implying positive results in your life.

I personally fill my Gratitude Journal every day in the morning as soon as I wake up. In my diary, I write a paragraph or so, not much, on people who moved my life, past amazing experiences that touched my life. Sometimes, I just write about how grateful I am to the Sun, the Water and the Trees. Generally, it’s anything I am thankful about and grateful towards to touch my life. Sometimes, when I write something about a person, I make an effort to send it to them. They totally love it. This really has improved my connections with people. Also, I have built some real strong bonds after that.

You have learnt how gratitude journal can give you the right and positive approach towards life. This in change will give you better results that you want in your Life.

Do you think how positive approach is the right approach towards life?

Recollect one of the amazing experience of your life where you tasted the success. Did that happen because you were negative throughout the process? Or it happened because you kept your positive spirit high?

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