Monday, March 8, 2021
Home India 15 BJP workers brutally beaten by TMC workers in Contai, West Bengal

15 BJP workers brutally beaten by TMC workers in Contai, West Bengal

There was a party event in Contai of East Midnapur, West Bengal. In this event, TMC workers attacked BJP workers and beaten them.

TMC workers attacked BJP workers in Contai of West Bengal. Some of them succeed to escape from the place. While, 15 BJP workers brutually beaten by TMC workers. These workers are admitted to the hospital now. Some of them are in serious situation.

15 bjp workers attacked in Contai Midnapur west bengal

This attack is not just the first attack on BJP workers in West Bengal. Already, lot of BJP ‘s workers attacked and killed in West Bengal by Mamta Banerjee ‘s TMC party workers. BJP has accused TMC that the party is not ready to accept BJP ‘s victory in the coming West Bengal election.


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