Sunday, June 26, 2022

Arnab Goswami called Rajat Sharma fool and jokes on him says leaked WhatsApp chat

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Mumbai Police released the 500 pages if whsatapp chat between Arnab Goswami and Parth Das Gupta who is an Ex CEO of BARC. In the chat, one can clearly see that how Arnab Goswami jokes on Rajat Sharma and also calls him fool journalist.

Leaked Whatsapp chat of Arnab Goswami about Rajat Sharma

In the leaked WhatsApp chat Arnab called Rajat Sharma a fool and also said that he is a gigantic snub. Here What Arnab Goswami says about Rajat Sharma in his chat with Parth Das Gupta :

Rajat was Blocked by RSS

arnab goswami rajat sharma fool whatsapp leaked chat
Leaked whatsapp chat screenshot

Arnab says Rajat is over and Shashi Tharoor also knows that. Further, adds that Rajat has been Blocked by RSS after a recent deal attempt in the minister of State office.

Rajat is a cheat

Aranb says that ‘ Rajat is a cheat for whom MP doesn’t give him any damn. He is just a single owner of his channel and his image is also falling now ‘

Rajat is gigantic snub

In the chat, Arnab called Rajat Sharma a gigantic snub. He says, “this really puts him in his place. Gigantic snub, has zero clout,s and now faces inquiry and got corruption in ddca. No need to worried about him and his substandard channel.

Rajat wanted to be a BCCI Chief.

When Parth Das Gupta asks Arnab that why Uday keeping Rajat is IBF Board. On which Arnab replied that Rajat said to him that he will be BCCI Chief.

Leaked whatsapp chat screenshot

This whole leaked whatsapp chat of Arnab Goswami proves that there was a tremendous competition about TRP between News Channel. Arnab has a lot of hate for Rajat Sharma as a tough competitor to Republic TV.

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