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Did Arnab Goswami give BJ to AS? Fact behind viral chat

Arnab Goswami ‘s Whatsapp chat leaked by Mumbai Police to show the transperancy in TRP Scam Case. Lot of chat ‘s screenshot are getting viral on Social Media. Meanwhile, all of these a screenshot, a chat where Arnab Goswami said that ‘I gave BJ to AS’ is also getting viral. But, is it really true and of it is true, what does it really mean ?

‘ I gave BJ to AS : viral statement’s fact check

Arnab goswami chat I have BJ to AS
The viral photo on social media

When All chat screenshot are getting viral on social media, there are some chats of Arnab Goswami which is controversial. A chat of Arnab Goswami from the date of 14th October 2019 is really making controversy. In this chat Arnab said, ” Yes, I gave BJ to AS “. Lot of people are claiming that the person with shortname AS is non other that Amit Shah. And saying, Arnab gave BJ to Amit Shah

But the leaked chat screenshot of ‘I gave BJ to AS of Arnab Goswami’ is not true. This screenshot is getting viral as a part of meme. This is just getting share on social media as a part of fun and trolling by saying that Arnab Goswami gave BJ to Amit Shah. There are many other screenshot, so it is obvious to believe this one as also true for any social media user. But, it is not true and someone is making the benifit of the on going situation.


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