Renew Infinity Train trends on Twitter as HBO canceled the show ?

Hashtag Renew Infinity Train is trending on Twitter as Cartoon Network and HBO canceled the show. But, is it true ?

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What show Infinity Train is about ?

This cartoon network show ‘ Infinity Train’ revolves around the story of a girl ‘Tulip Owens’ and a robot. Tulip Owens a 13 year old girl who aspires to become a computer game programmer. But, she finds herself trapped on a train one day. So, she strats looking way out of the train. She meets robot one-one. Then both start finding way to reach herself at home.

Did HBO canceled the Infinity Train show ?

There is no such a news that Cartoon Network and HBO canceled this show. But, as there is no announcement of new season from HBO, fans started trending it on Twitter. They trend ‘ Renew Infinity Train ‘ as HBO didn’t announce anything about the third season of the show.

HBO and Cartoon Network canceled Renew Infinity Train

Many people thought the show canceled by Cartoon Network and HBO after Twitter released short description about the trend. Under description about Twitter Trend, it is said, “Fans ask for a renewal of Infinity Train for after Cartoon Network and HBO Max canceled the show after it’s Third Season.” It made lot other fans confused even more. But, still yet, there is no official confirmation from officials.