What does MFS mean on TikTok (Full Form) ?

Every month TikTok bring lot of trends and many things that engage user. There are some words or trends which confuses user about what it could be really about ? Many users are confused about the meaning of MFS on TikTok. The need to know What does MFS mean, what is the full for of the MFS.

MFS is simply the acronym. This acronym is quite popular on TikTok and people are adding meaning to it. The hashtag MFS alone has 19 Million views and countless recreation of videos. But, the slang MFS doesn’t have only one meaning. It has three different meanings. You need to look what makers are trying to use this word for.

What does MFS mean ? 3 different Full Form of MFS.

As this MFS acronym has three different full form. Let explore all of them.

First MFS meaning

This MFS slang is used in many videos and caption in TikTok. Lot of TikTok user are using in very common way. So, the first interpretation of MFS is ‘motherf**krs’ . Undoubtedly, this is one of the most widespread and popular slang. As many of feel lazy to write full word, so they prefer to write ‘ MFS ‘ for motherf**kers.

This one is mostly used to describe the people you hate. People call it to someone when they are angry about them. But, on TikTok, this MFS slang is mostly used for ourselves. When people cannot let go of own bad habits, they simply prefer to use it.

Second MFS meaning

The second meaning for this MFS is mom’s friend’s son. Every mom has that friend whose son is overachiever. So, mom always scold her son by achieving her friend’s son’s all achievements. Just like, ” Garry’s son got the best grades in the class, and here, look at you “. Many of you will find it relatable.

Third MFS meaning

The only last possible meaning for this MFS is ‘ Motherf**cking Smokers ‘. But, this one is hardly use. Some non smokers use this slang for people who smoke in public places.

Apart from TikTok, the MFS slang used by lot ther people on Twitter , Instagram and other social media all too. Mostly, MFS used as Motherf**kers’ on all of these platforms.

What does MFS mean on TikTok? MFS jokes

There were lot other people confuse to see this MFS slang again and again. Hope the information helps you to get you right meaning.