Where could you buy Dancing Cactus Toy ? and Review of the toy

The Dancing Cactus Toy that got fame due to some TikTok videos. So many people wonder where they could buy this Dancing Cactus Toy. Here, bringing you the one of the best Dancing Cactus.

What is this Dancing Cactus ?

The Dancing Cactus is first noticed on TikTok. Now, many people are demanding this cactus. This toy starts moving and wiggling when it’s arm or branch get press. This toy is available in different version and with different accessories and songs.

The one which got more positive reviews is ‘ Solar Dancing Cactus Toy ‘. This Cactus Toy works with the help of solar energy. It’s battery charges with Solar and dances when one get it into a sunlight. Also, it is used as a car decor too. Whenever car moves, it starts dancing with the help of sunlight.

This Cactus Toy found fame from the TikTok videos. Lot of people starts posting about the Dancing Cactus different songs. It really makes it cute whenever someone starts sound in the background.

Solar Dancing Cactus Toy ‘s Review

The dancing cactus Toy review where to buy

Bringing you the review for this Solar Dancing Cactus Toy with it’s pros and cons.

Pros :
This Solar Toy doesn’t need to charge it’s battery. All it need is solar energy. So, people loving this product due to this extra feature. Also, it dances very smooth and it really makes it look cute. The toy come with a very bright and good colour and looks good as a car decor too. It is really good to gift someone you love. Specially kids are loving this product.

Cons :
It’s solar doesn’t work sometimes. 1 out of 10 product found difficulty in it’s solar plate. Some of them realised that they forgot to remove the cover from solar. So, it didn’t work for them. One who genuinely got faulty piece, are satisfied with replaced one.

Where could you buy the Dancing Cactus Toy ?

This toy is hardly available in Stocks on online website. TikTok make this toy as a viral one and people are buying it in mass quantity too.

Many people found similarity of this product with Pickle Rick which is a toy based in the series Rick and Morty. However, this Solar Dancing Cactus can be easily found on Amazon. Get yours one before it get out of the stock.