Whom did Rahul Gandhi call ‘Knickerwalas From Nagpur’ in Tamil Nadu’s Rally?

Rahul Gandhi is on upcoming election’s campaign of Tamil Nadu state. In his speech, he said ,” Knickerwalas from Nagpur can never ever decide the future of the Tamil Nadu state “. He used these words ” Knickerwalas from Nagpur ” for people associated with RSS organisation.

Why Rahul Gandhi used words ” Knickerwalas from Nagpur ” for RSS ?

RSS also called as ‘ Rastriya Swayamsevak Sanghtna ‘. RSS has their headquarter in Nagpur. The RSS organization is hindu nationalist organisation. This organisation has close relation with India’s rulling political party BJP. Rahul Gandhi, the president of ‘Indian National Congress’ has diffrent ideology than the current rulling Indian Government and RSS.

Knickerwalas from Nagpur Rahul Gandhi to RSS
Pic: RSS head ‘Mohan Bhagwat’ in centre

Many times RSS trolled by opposition and left wing party for having shirt and Khaki colour shorts as their organisations ‘s uniform. So to troll both BJP and RSS, Rahul Gandhi used word ‘Knickerwalas from Nagpur’ due to the Khaki colour shorts which they wear. Knickerwala simply mean ‘person wearing underwear’ in Hindi.

Rahul Gandhi ‘s word translated wrongly in Tamil Language.

Rahul Gandhi is on a three-day campaign tour of Tamil Nadu for the assembly elections to be held in the next few months. In one of Rally, he gave this speech and trolled RSS. But, his words translated wrongly by translater. Rahul Gandhi said “Knickerwalas from Nagpur can never ever decide the future of Tamil Nadu”. To which translater translated, “Liquor wala (alcohol drinker) from Nagpur can’t decide the fate of Tamil Nadu. Many people started trolling Rahul Gandhi for using this kind of words in his Rally.

Rahul Gandhi furthur said, ” We’ll not allow Narendra Modi to destroy the foundation of India‚ĶHe doesn’t understand that only Tamil people can decide the future of Tamil Nadu. “