How Facebook is looting advertiser by not giving prepaid Balance back of disabled ad account ?

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Facebook is scamming and looting the new advertiser by not giving them their money back. Facebook disabled ad accounts of advertisers and then don’t pay them their money back.

Can I get prepaid balance of my disabled Fb ad account back ?

No, Facebook doesn’t give you your money back once you add it to your prepaid balance. Instead, Facebook uses that money to your ads until your prepaid balance gets 0.

You can’t get the prepaid balance of your disabled ad account back. Instead, you appeal or ‘ Request Review ‘. Facebook will reach you in 3-4 days and will enable your Ad account. Now, you can use those prepaid Balances again for your ads.

What is the controversy of Facebook looting advertiser by disabling their ad account ?

As a new advertiser, most of the time your FB ad account gets banned or disabled. But, after requesting a review for a couple of times, Facebook enables it too. But, if it happens again and again, Facebook disables your ad account and Business Manager account permanently. So, your prepaid Balance gets stuck in that business manager which you can’t use due to permanent restrictions.

Sometimes Facebook asks to verify Legal business with Legal documents to enable business manager account. But, it is not possible for most advertisers to due to not having any registered business.

Most of the advertisers are looted in such a way. 90% of the time advertiser’s account gets disabled for no reason. Facebook just says ‘ your ads didn’t comply with our policies, so we are disabling it ‘. But Facebook never tells the exact reason to disable Ad account. So, in such a way, they restrict Business manager permanently.

fb prepaid balance disabled ad account facebook

According to Facebook Policies, once you add money to your prepaid balance, you can’t withdraw it even if you delete your account. So, in such a way, advertisers have no choice rather than losing the money of their disabled ad account for no reason. As a part of Facebook advertiser, you agreed to their ‘Terms and Conditions’. So, you can’t take any legal actions against Facebook for your payment that stuck in that ad account. There are millions of advertisers and their millions of money are stuck in Facebook Business Manager. Users lost trust in Facebook but now advertisers are also losing their trust. After the Cambridge Analytica data scandal, disabling the account is the scam happening with advertisers.

What could you do if your ad account get disabled permanently ?

facebook scam business manager restricted
Pic : that’s how Facebook permanantly restrict Business Manager with a single message

Once you reach the threshold accounts, you can’t create a new Business Manager account. But, still, if you want to continue, you can create a new business manager account from your friend’s FB account. In that account choose automatic payment, so that your account automatically will deduct from Facebook after spending it. Some of the advertisers faced issues there too. Sometimes Facebook withdrew a lot of amounts from the advertiser’s account automatically. So, they had to appeal for a refund for that money. This could also be the cons of choosing automatic payment.

To choose automatic payment, you just have to put your credit or debit card details. If your country allows automatic payments for the respective cards, Facebook will automatically withdraw the money. Otherwise, you have to add money to your prepaid balance.

Things you need to follow before creating new business manager

If you have already exhausted the number of Business manager accounts from your FB account. Then, go for your friend’s or relative’s FB account.

Before creating a Business manager from another’s FB account, use VPS ( Virtual Private Server ). So that you get a new IP address and Facebook couldn’t track you as the same advertiser

Use different debit or credit cards. Don’t use one which you used for your disabled Business Manager.

You could carry with the same domain name of your website. But, if possible, create a new Facebook page for your Business. Because there is no limit for creating pages.

Go through Facebook’s advertising policy and don’t run ads that goes against their policies.

Even after following all the above tips, it doesn’t guarantee that your Ad account will not get disabled. But, try to not commit a single error while running ads.

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