All about Candy Ken from TikTok, his age, sexuality, girlfriend.

The TikTok Star Candy Ken is getting attention of many with charismatic personality. He is a combination of masculine Persona like Johny Bravo and person who is stereotypical feminine.

Apart from his looks, TikTok Star Candy Ken is fighting against some society made rules. He is fighting against the stereotype of men who are expected to be strong, suppress their emotion and never express a hint of femininity. He admired all over the world by his fans because of attitude of being aposition both the genders.

Who is Candy Ken ?

The real life name of Candy Ken is Jakob Kasimir Hellrigl. He is not just TikTokstar but also a rapper, model, and an artist.

His unique approach towards life and his videos made him to gain 12 Million followers on TikTok. Candy was born in Austria. He completed his study in photography and film design from Lette – Verein college of Berlin before dropping out.

In his college time, he invented this gender bending persona of ‘ Candy Ken ‘.

In 2014, he directed a video series on YouTube called ‘ Welcome to Candy Land ‘. The series then remade into short film later. The short film nominated to receive and award at the Austrian Short Film Festival Alpinale in 2015.

In the same year, his modelling career started taking off. He became the face for lot of magazines like ‘Man About Town’ , ‘VMAN’ etc. Also, he made appearances in fashion shows as well.

Candy Ken age, sexuality and Family

He was born on 27th July 1992 and will complete 29 years in the coming July. But, his fit and healthy look makes him looking 25.

The way Candy dresses and expresses himself raises lot of question on his sexuality. But, he is straight and not bisexual.

Candy ken age sexuality wiki TikTok family
In Picture: Candy Ken and wife Joatsy

He married with model Joatsy popular as Baby J, in September of 2020. This beautiful couple expecting their child in recent summer. They made joint Instagram account named ‘Lil Bling Bling‘ to share about their pregnancy update.