Why did DeadorVegetable ban from Reddit ?

A reddit user account DeadorVegetable banned from the site. Lot of people are confused about why is it restricted from posting on reddit?

The account DeadorVegetable banned after not following reddit guidelines of glorifying violence. Many of the followers felt sad after this action of the account ban.

What is DeadorVegetable ?

DeadorVegetable was a reddit account that banned for violating the guidelines and policy of reddit. The User continuously posted content that was not suitable.

DeadorVegetable was a sub reddit account that was sharing violent videos. This account was sharing a video of people taking part in violent activities. Then, reddit users had to decide whether the person in the video was ‘dead’ or ‘vegetable’.

‘ Vegetable ‘ term was used for those who are dumb and have no brain functions. This sub reddit account had many video post of people getting injured and got dead. So, it became offensive for many.

Now, the account banned. So, user has no chance to post anything offensive.

DeadorVegetable ‘s posts mostly had death videos of people and their injury videos.

Reaction of the Ex – Mod of DeadorVegetable

Ex Mod of DeadorVegetable replied on the ban on Reddit.The Ex Mod told that they tried to keep posting everything under guidelines. But, admin didn’t contact them and banned it from posting.

DeadorVegetable banned ban reddit
Reply of Ex Mod of DeadorVegetable