Sandeep Nahar wife Kanchan Sharma photos and Suicide Controversy

Actor Sandeep Nahar who worked along with Sushant Singh Rajput in M S Dhoni and with Akshay Kumar in Kesari commited suicide. Sandeep Nahar released a video on his Facebook before committing suicide and talked about his relation with his wife and. Bollywood politics.

Sandeep Nahar and His Wife Kanchan Sharma Photos and Story

Sandeep Nahar married with Kanchan Sharma two years back. He told in a video that she emotionally blackmailed him to marry her. At that time, Sandeep thought that things will get normal after marrying her. But things started Even worse in his life. Kanchan and her mother started harassing Sandeep. Sandeep was already dealing with some of Bollywood ‘s Politics. In such period, her wife also started harassing her. So, he mentioned that he got so frustrated with all of these in his video.

Sandeep Nahar and his wife Kanchan Sharma photos

Sandeep Nahar wife Kanchan Sharma photos
Sandeep Nahar wife photos
Sandeep Nahar wife

Why Sandeep Nahar commited Suicide ?

Sandeep Nahar commited Suicide

Sandeep released video before committing suicide and told all his life ‘s bad events. He shared his family drama which is due to his wife. In the video, he told that most of the problems in his life is due to his wife. And now, he has no capacity to face his wife and argument with her on daily basis. He told that he wouldn’t like to blame anyone for his suicide. He is happily doing because of the current scenarios in his life. Sandeep also suggested to do mental check up of his wife after his death. Because, she everytime prefer to argue on every little things with him.

After an hour of releasing video, he commited suicide in fear of getting fake allegations from his wife. At hospital, his wife was present when he declared dead.

Currently, her wife Kanchan Sharma deactivated her Instagram account after receiving lots of criticism in comments and DM.

Video which uploaded on Facebook before Suicide